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  • And kale is a tad more cold hardy than even savoy cabbage.
  • In the meantime Tad had been creeping nearer and nearer.
  • Yet what had happened to him after that, Tad did not know.
  • The guide jumped his pony between Tad and the angry cowboy.
  • But Master Tad had already been using his eyes.
  • His suddenness took Tad Sobber off his guard.
  • At the mention of arrest Tad Sobber shut his teeth hard.
  • Then came a yell of pain from both Merrick and Tad Sobber.
  • We were like the little tad that went out to the garden to eat worms.
  • The guide was looking down at the animal pityingly, Tad thought.
  • Half jokingly, he swung a vicious blow at Tad with the flat of his hand.
  • All at once the wonderful sight unfolded before the eyes of Tad Butler.
  • The boy's name was Tad Sobber.
  • For the time being the trouble with Tad Sobber was totally forgotten.
  • That Tad Sobber was in a thorough rage was easily to be seen.
  • Many had heard him mention Tad Sobber and all looked at the bully inquiringly.
  • More than this, he had caught Tad Sobber in a falsehood only the day before.
  • I am not afraid of them," growled Tad Sobber.
  • He was out in the open in a twinkling, with Tad Butler close upon his heels.
  • Go on and play, or give up," he added to Tad Sobber.
  • After they had finished the meal Bud drew Tad Butler aside confidentially.
  • Bruce Brown lazily whispered in Tad Horner's ear.
  • After supper Uncle Tad helped Bunker put the sail on the boat.
  • Well, I have good cause to be bitter," growled Tad Sobber.

How To Use Tad In A Sentence?

  • The masked lads were surprised, for Tad had never exhibited such spirit before.
  • Finally Tad rode his pony forward, right through the fire of the skylarking cowboys.
  • As they neared the scene Tad espied a hole in the desert, and began to understand.
  • After moving some ten rods to the south, Tad motioned for them to turn west, which they did.
  • A second later she went over to larboard, throwing the two men and Tad Sobber into the lake!
  • Then the Rover boys heard the man and the boy plunge on, Tad screaming with pain at every step.
  • He looked down the stairs and saw Tom and Tad Sobber near a landing, having a wordy quarrel.
  • As Sue and Uncle Tad looked, there suddenly dashed from this place a large, white goat.
  • There was another team headed by Tad Sobber, and on this Nick Pell was a quarterback.
  • They found the place deserted and no trace of Merrick, Pike or Tad Sobber was to be found.
  • Bunny and Sue could not go out to play, but Uncle Tad and Bunker Blue amused the children indoors.
  • By the time they reached the scene Tad and Stacy had succeeded in hauling the victim from his perilous position.
  • As they looked into the place they saw Tad Sobber reach over the counter and catch the girl clerk by her curls.
  • They did not care whether Tad Sobber was captured or not, as they did not think the bully was much of a criminal.
  • The other night Harlan was here making a speech to a crowd out of the window, and my boy Tad was sitting behind him.
  • Uncle Tad and Bunker put the box on a wheelbarrow, and it was soon stored in the woodshed back of the bungalow.

Definition of Tad

(informal) A small amount; a little bit. | (US, slang, dated) A street boy; an urchin.
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