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  • Patricia could not take it in for a while.
  • Ethel had to take her up to her room.
  • But we must not take too sad a view of it.
  • We must now take leave of the reader.
  • I must take upon myself the responsibility for this step.
  • Oh, take that candle away!
  • But I must take some pictures away with me.
  • I'll take him for a good long ramble through the house.
  • As she had only a bedroom, the reading had to take place in his sitting-room.
  • She seems as though she would never take the trouble to be cross with anyone.
  • Dandy is mine; they can't take him from me, can they?
  • If you don't take care, you'll lose your health and your looks.
  • Let's take the case of Hubert Price ...
  • They take great care of us here," and she shrugged her shoulders gracefully.

How To Use Take In A Sentence?

  • And you must be open to all impressions and let your thoughts take colour from what you see.
  • She would like to have this bookcase, and might she not take the wardrobe from her own room?
  • You will be able to finish your play, and take a theatre and produce it yourself if you like.
  • It was to surprise you, but we can give our tickets to her and let her take someone else.
  • The ordinary officer who formed part of the escort did not take part in the actual visit.
  • I suppose it would be impossible to take them with us if we go to live in London.
  • She seemed entirely taken up thinking what books, what pictures, what china she could take away.
  • They take the precise course pursued by Melanchthon, and often with the same success.
  • Day by day the marvellous gardens of Buitenzorg take deeper hold of mind and imagination.
  • To illustrate this point, let us take the case of Zaleucus, the king of the Locrians.
  • Then Ford went upstairs to take his paint off, and Hubert walked about the stage with Brown.
  • By the time all is ready and you are beginning to take off your clothes a considerable time will have passed.
  • She had forgotten the old chair, but now she remembered the very moment when the servants came to take it away.
  • She was anxious to have the interview over and she readily agreed to take the room at once, without evincing any interest in it or anything else.
  • It would take about that time to finish his play, and the neighbourhood would suit his purpose excellently well.
  • The causes which induced Augustine to take this sublime but one-sided view of religion may be easily understood.
  • Tears about this, and sighs about that; fainting fits because I happen to take a chair next to yours.
  • The life of the virtuous citizen is the gift of God, and no earthly power has the authority to take it for any such purpose.
  • May we not follow our own inclinations, leaving sin to take its course, and rest quietly in Providence?
  • They would take these off to sell to you and haggle, like the veritable Eastern traders that they were, with you for the price.
  • Now, if we take either term of this alternative, we must adopt a conclusion which is at war with the idea of a God.
  • All rewards and punishments, says he, are equal and just in this life; and to say otherwise, is to take an atheistical view of the divine character.
  • His son Isaac is bound, and laid upon the altar; the father stretches forth his hand to take the knife and slay him.
  • It seemed cruel to tell her to take her things off, and he glanced at Mrs. Bentley and wondered if she were offended.
  • The business did improve, but so very slowly that Hubert was afraid Ford would lose patience and take the play out of the bills.
  • They would take her up to London for the season; and, amid the healthy excitement of balls and parties, her girlish fancy would evaporate.

Definition of Take

(transitive) To get into one's hands, possession, or control, with or without force. | (transitive) To receive or accept (something) (especially something given or bestowed, awarded, etc). | (transitive) To remove.
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