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Definition of Tale

(dialectal or obsolete) To speak; discourse; tell tales. | (dialectal, chiefly Scotland) To reckon; consider (someone) to have something. | Alternative form of tael

How To Use Tale In A Sentence?

  • The appropriator of the tale had a wide reputation in the West, and was exceedingly popular.
  • I beg you will come to see me to-morrow, as I have a tale to tell you as sour as vinegar.
  • That at its rising makes the infidel, And all day long the world alone Its tale can tell.
  • Now you shall hear a strange old tale told of Giant Sun, in the days of long ago.
  • Such, as nearly as I can recollect, was the tenor of the tale told by the Cape Cod whaler.
  • To tell the tale of how Les Augustins was taken is but to tell again the tale of St Loup.
  • My truth was hopelessly tangled up with a tale that the educated were resolved to regard as entirely a lie.
  • How such a ridiculous tale ever found believers, it is impossible to conceive; but such was the case.
  • She wept afresh at sight of him, divided between the tale of her woe and regret that no follower was left to dispense to him her hospitality.
  • Such is the tale that is recorded of the supernatural revelation of Andre's fate.
  • But during the rest of the tale there rested on her broad brows under her copper coils of hair, a brooding spirit that was itself a mystery.
  • There in the clear sunlight and sea air, for an instant, all the tropical terrors of his own idle tale surrounded and suffocated him.
  • He had read the tale with lips that quivered with feeling, but as he looked up at his little audience, he met only listless eyes and dull faces.
  • Hare-Lip followed, still spluttering and spitting his tale of the white devils' doings.
  • He listened patiently, but coldly, to my tale of monastic grievances and disgusts, and promised to think what else could be done for me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tale | Tale Sentence

  • Gane picked up the tale with confirmations.
  • They believed its tale of woe.
  • He had a long tale to tell about himself!
  • His tale was long and painfully detailed.
  • The tale now goes two ways.
  • So that small tale was sold three times.
  • Will blushing glory hide the tale of shame?
  • What a tale of terror, now their turbulency tells!
  • An interesting tale of love and intrigue....
  • But Davy reserved his tale until we were at home.
  • It is better than any fairy tale I have ever heard.
  • Many a tale is spoiled in telling, Antipho.
  • From Frankfort-on-the-Main came a similar tale of woe.
  • A Tale for Fathers and Sons.
  • A Tale of Early Times.
  • The Tale of the Great Mutiny.
  • A tale of the Indian war waged by King Philip in 1675.
  • A very different tale would be that of the fighter in the firing line.
  • At the time when this tale opens he had held the living eighteen years.
  • Oliver Twist= and =A Tale of Two Cities=.
  • Our eyes begged him to continue, and he told the rest of his tale very simply.
  • A Tale of the Conquests of China, By William Dalton.
  • What a tale their terror tells Of Despair!
  • This abrupt transition brought to the mind the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk.

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