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  • All these are talents of no common man.
  • All the talents of grace seemed to be united in her.
  • To draw two talents by the year.
  • Did many talents gild thy span?
  • But your talents disappear in my admiration of your virtues.
  • Very solid and very brilliant talents distinguish the ministerial benches.
  • One will have talents of one sort, and different talents another.
  • What abilities are lost, what genius obscured, and what talents despised!
  • The Peruvians have great natural talents for painting and sculpture.
  • The style is pure: now try my talents then In either character.
  • All her talents for rule, however, were exerted upon Mr Boswell.
  • Her influence bids our talents rise 'Neath Love and Fancy's native skies!
  • For they said to each other: "What wonderful talents has our son!

How To Use Talents In A Sentence?

  • It is to call them to give an account of talents never committed to their charge.
  • She is represented as having inherited all the beauty, all the talents of her mother.
  • Lucullus is said to have given two talents for a mere copy of this picture.
  • That excellent lady had concluded to bestow her talents upon a worthier object.
  • As it was, her irregular talents had a limited field; however, she did all she could.
  • His talents was achin' ter git action on him; anythin' like that got up his spunk.
  • The talents he displayed there were such as to fix on him the attention of his most distinguished masters.
  • He thought he perceived in me extraordinary talents for the art, and his encomiums awakened all my ardor.
  • Their talents found opportunity for display at the public dances where some of them would in time attract especial attention.
  • It is richer in great, and what is perhaps more important, in serious talents than any other contemporary literature.
  • The class you sneer at had yet ambitions high and daring as your own; and talents to attain them, too!
  • Then politics and commerce will absorb from the educated class men of talents without genius, precisely because such have no resistance.
  • For, it is not what talents or genius a man has, but how he is to his talents, that constitutes friendship and character.
  • Harmonious development without one-sidedness, and yet with full justice to the individual talents and equipments, should be secured.
  • As has often happened in such circumstances, the talents of the boy commanded attention; and he was not left without a good primary education.
  • He possessed neither talents nor acquirements, and held "the harmless tenour of his way" in equal mean betwixt vice and virtue.
  • David de Heem (1570-1632) was one of the first to devote his talents almost exclusively to still life.
  • Indeed, to appreciate rightly the talents of John Burley, it was necessary to hear him talk on such occasions.
  • Here he learned singing, the organ, the violin and harpsichord, and had a mind to get his living by devoting his musical talents to the Church.
  • Those who love to give advice were eager that he should forsake his humbler profession, and devote his extraordinary talents to the good of his country.
  • It is a strong, vivacious strain, a bright noon-day song, full of health and assurance, indicating fine talents in the performer, but not genius.
  • Yet all this criticism is not without a compliment, well-merited at least by the former productions of the same author, to his talents and ingenuity.
  • The play was refused twice, and then accepted by a theatrical speculator, to whom it seemed to afford opportunity for the exhibition of the talents of a lady he was interested in.
  • I think the children must inherit the talents of their parents, for though they are regular little pickles for mischief, they are all original in their way.
  • His more famous son, Jan Davidsz, who inherited his talents and tastes, has here a large picture of still life.
  • Those who have lived only for this world must never expect anything but self-reproach in reviewing the opportunities of usefulness which they have lost, and the precious talents they have misemployed.
  • Thus the renown of her talents and virtues could not fail to extend beyond the precincts of our little town, till at last even the newspapers mentioned her.

Definition of Talents

plural of talent
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