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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Talk And | Talk And Sentence

  • I cannot talk and think now.
  • Silly talk and rubbish.
  • And down they sat to talk and smoke.
  • There was talk and laughter everywhere.
  • Great talk and crimination has been made about these.
  • Snorro let them talk and wonder.
  • I want to talk and not be a dummy.
  • People who talk and bluster and swagger.
  • On went the talk and laughter.
  • In this world there are those who talk and those who act.
  • Cassy could talk and very fluently.
  • But a truce to talk and grief.
  • Talk and thought; these are your remedies.
  • She refuses to talk and he cuts her in the thigh.
  • Could he talk, and would not?
  • There were murmurs of talk and laughter in the hall.
  • More talk, and more beer.
  • So the talk and gossip soon quieted down.
  • You like clever women who can talk and so on.
  • Such talk and consolation were growing stale.
  • She is anxious to talk and likes to have visitors.
  • They talk and laugh and discuss the horses.
  • The dinner went on with talk and laughter.
  • So this talk and other talks amounted to nothing new.
  • The talk and laughter in the cottage came back to him.
  • Was he already the common talk and laugh of men?
  • These feelings found expression in our talk and shouts.
  • And they talk and talk, so stupidly.
  • A lot of talk and a lot of true talk.
  • A little further talk and he left with a strong handshake.
  • Cannot a woman talk and walk a bit with her own husband?
  • Did you hear that woman talk and talk about her child?
  • How they talk and chatter, and how they chew!
  • I would rather talk and let others work.
  • Oh, how obstrepolous and important he did talk and act!

How To Use Talk And In A Sentence?

  • He just let her talk, and was content to watch her.
  • So they will talk, and for me it would prove a scandal.
  • King ate, because a man can not talk and eat at once.
  • You don't talk and you don't drink.
  • It complained under them; there was talk and low giggling.
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