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  • Let us not talk about it.
  • And what queer talk they used!
  • It amused me to talk to him like this.
  • It was the talk of a good many days.
  • But let us talk of something else.
  • Man glad to have somebody to talk to. . .
  • No need to talk much, either, for that.
  • But they would talk of nothing but Harding.
  • Why, how could I talk when he was talking?
  • It was because she could not understand that he did not care to talk to her.
  • Couldn't you talk to my brother?
  • How mysterious that no one should talk about her as a very great wonder!
  • These friends will talk to you and tell you many useful and wonderful things.
  • They could talk of nothing but this epoch-making adventure, now.
  • He was a pathetic old relic, and his ways and his talk were also pathetic.
  • When they returned that night, Harding was too fagged out to talk of anything.
  • Thone can't talk much English, but she said to me, 'Make her speak.
  • Oh, how I wish I'd had a chance to talk to Elinor.
  • There is also a good deal of noisy talk here about one o'clock.

How To Use Talk In A Sentence?

  • When there was no news he discussed the winds and waves, as we talk of the weather and the crops.
  • The little antiquary got fuddled with their talk and their wine, for they did not spare bumpers.
  • But after a pleasant talk of many hours the purple and fine linen used to ride away baffled.
  • No one else happened to be in the way to talk to, and the good lady talked to us.
  • But there was nothing to talk about, and Anastatia had not the courage to take him for himself.
  • There was no occasion for me to gobble my food and rush off to talk with Lyn Rowan.
  • Yer be an eddicated man, and I likes to talk to them that 'as 'ad an eddication.
  • I talk well; and when I have guests at dinner I prefer to do all the talking myself.
  • Our talk ranged from the Panhandle to the Canada line, while our horses jogged steadily southward.
  • I can't talk to him about that play; and I wouldn't if I could, for it only makes him unhappy.
  • He delighted to talk of the exploits of the buccaneers in the West-Indies and on the Spanish Main.
  • Randy hung around, wrought up with excitement over their wonderful find and anxious to talk about it.
  • My cousin was a loud politician, and evidently accustomed to talk without contradiction at his own table.
  • His emotion was so strong that he had to cough slightly, and not knowing what to talk to her about he began to tell her of his mother and sisters.
  • If this doctrine be true, it is idle to talk about free-agency, for there is no such thing as agency in the world.
  • Towards the end of my time here we began to hear talk of a maimed Frenchman who had been seen here and there.
  • He couldn't talk about anything without it seeming there was a great joke in it somewhere. . .
  • A most elusive, faint sound of ghostly talk issuing from one of the rooms added to the illusion and stopped his already hesitating footsteps.
  • Pep had just finished a second helping of Jolly's famous rice pudding and was ready to talk now.
  • So they came to speak of him as a very clever man, no doubt; but as they knew nothing about plays, he very probably did not care to talk to them.
  • After some talk he agrees to take Cloete on board; supposed to be with an urgent message from the owners to the captain.

Definition of Talk

(transitive) To communicate, usually by means of speech. | (transitive, informal) To discuss. | (intransitive, slang) To confess, especially implicating others.
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