Talking In A Sentence

How To Use Talking In A Sentence?

  • A little while ago we were talking about his personal peculiarities and his political offences.
  • He thinks nothing of her singing; he remained talking to me in the conservatory the whole time.
  • But it was visible to Renouard that she took some pleasure in talking to him at times.
  • While he was talking to me at the cabin-door, he saw the fur coat slip, and readjusted it.
  • Have you been talking with the girl, and told her Wherefore we bring your wife?
  • They then fell to talking of other things, and Lawrence had to tell her of all his experiences.
  • When he supposed he was talking low and confidentially, you could hear him in Illinois.
  • Do not be afraid, for I knew you were talking secrets, and that is a play I never stop.
  • But here comes my papa; I've been talking to him, Sir Simon, and he'll talk to you.
  • They began talking over the ever-present theme of their photo playhouse when there was an interruption.
  • Jessie sprang out and turned to lift the little driver to the ground, while we all began talking at once.
  • Then putting the subject aside as if she had finished with it for ever, she began talking to him about the books she was reading.
  • Gray asked, glad to keep the old man talking about himself to prevent any more curious inquiries about his own doings.
  • He did not shrink from talking about himself, for he was free from that exacerbated, timid vanity which seals so many vain-glorious lips.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Talking | Talking Sentence

  • I was just talking with him.
  • Who are you talking off?
  • Renouard understood that they were talking of him.
  • The women were talking about him while you were smoking.
  • Well, what were we talking about?
  • She went on talking about the work.
  • He was talking rapidly and without connection.
  • Harding stood in the third row talking to a young man.
  • Had Mark been talking about her to him?
  • I am talking of a time sixty years ago, and upwards.
  • And presently he was sitting on it again with the professor talking of her.
  • There's no use talking about it.
  • You're talking to the dead.
  • You are always talking to him about it; you bring the conversation up.
  • Do you comprehend What he is talking of? PHOR.
  • I hate talking to a man's back.
  • Anne went a little distance down the path with him talking anxiously.
  • I found myself talking to her of my adventures, of my early days.
  • The two were talking earnestly as the horses stopped before the barn door.
  • They were talking together in whispers, and remained quite unaware of him.
  • We finally gave the matter up, and fell to talking about something else.
  • Helen and Griffiths were talking at the other end of the room.
  • A smell of dust, sounds of children crying, children talking in the kitchen!
  • In the days which Susy is talking about, a perplexity fell to my lot one day.
  • But, of course, we couldn't keep on talking all the afternoon.
  • Cloete fancies that Stafford's voice is talking away quite close to his ear.

Definition of Talking

present participle of talk | The action of the verb talk.
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