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  • The melting of tallow or bayberries.
  • Oil or tallow is used in the bath.
  • His hand shook so that the tallow dropped all over it.
  • This time he lighted the stub of a tallow candle.
  • Horrible guttering tallow smoked and stunk in passages.
  • A tallow dip on the box furnishes the illumination.
  • A tallow dip burns sleepily on the creaking stairs.
  • It was hard to go back to primitive tallow dips.
  • For we're low in the tallow and long in the wick.
  • There is a funny smell of incense mixed with tallow in the air.
  • Grayson was bending over a law-book with only a tallow candle for light.
  • Melt the tallow and wax over a hot fire until they are thoroughly well mixed.
  • There were about thirty in the room, which was lighted by tallow candles.
  • The operation causes very little pain if the tallow is perfectly heated.
  • Macklin struck a match and lit a bit of dirty tallow candle which he carried.
  • When the tallow is setting, give an additional pull downwards.
  • The hemp and tallow trade is increasing, as is the foreign corn trade.
  • If we can't be a lighthouse, let us be a tallow candle.
  • We raised cattle and sold hides and tallow every year, and made money.
  • What we need is biography by X-ray, and not by tallow candle.
  • There sits he stitching half asleep, Beside his smoky tallow dip.
  • Duration being more than Double with Tallow Candles of Equal Size.

How To Use Tallow In A Sentence?

  • From the bodies of cows is obtained the tallow which is made into oleomargarin.
  • We are each supplied with a dip tallow candle, by means of which we see where we are.
  • Consequently the melted tallow for soap-making is of secondary importance to the tallow melter.
  • The tallow answers a demand of the climate and is increased as the weather grows colder.
  • In her hand she carried a guttering tallow candle in a battered old tin candlestick.
  • Melt the tallow with gentle heat and add the other ingredients, stirring until cold.
  • It may be either the flame of a candle of tallow or wax, or the flame of a lamp.
  • It was very fat, but was so perfectly cured that the clear tallow tasted as sweet as a nut.
  • Cheaper pale soaps may be made from lower grades of tallow and rosin and are generally silicated.
  • A sixth and saving sense of humor lay like a coating of tallow protecting the surface of her.
  • The thief led the way into a fairly sized room, which was lighted by another tallow candle.
  • The men drew closely around them, and listened as the tallow wicks sputtered in the dim room.
  • The prince, well contented, took the bag of bread and the tallow and rode away.
  • The room was lit up by means of a number of tallow candles, stuck in tin sconces round the walls.
  • Put one little tallow candle in the middle of a large hall, and it will give a good deal of light.
  • In private cold, my face burns a tallow white, toes flake in frostbite or erode every sensation.
  • It did far outshine any other stall, even that of Lady Bates, the wife of the tallow Knight.
  • It was read by the light that shone from the blazing logs of the fireplace or the homemade tallow dip.

Definition of Tallow

To grease or smear with tallow. | To cause to have a large quantity of tallow; to fatten. | A hard animal fat obtained from suet, etc.; used in cooking as well as to make candles, soap and lubricants
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