Tamely In A Sentence

Definition of Tamely

In a tame manner.

How To Use Tamely In A Sentence?

  • Yet the people tamely submitted to this imposition because they knew no way to avoid it.
  • She spoke in bursts of trembling anger, her words sounding tamely in her own ears.
  • Nature will not pardon the blunders of ignorance, nor tamely submit to every hasty construction.
  • When he set foot on American soil, he tamely abandoned all his old picturesque wicked ways.
  • They declared that they owed it to themselves and those who were to come after them not to submit tamely to injustice of such a nature.
  • He required nothing that was not clearly right, and he was not the man to tamely submit to a violation of his rights.
  • It is a sad spectacle to see a once gallant and high-spirited nation submitting tamely to be thus bullied.
  • He knew that he could not tamely submit to much more conversation of such a nature, so he merely replied in an absent tone.
  • When she hinted something of her thoughts, he answered that even so he would rather die at work in the canyon than tamely in his bed.
  • Somers, still stupefied by the effects of the brandy, tamely submitted to whatever disposition his companions chose to make of him.
  • There was much of the cunning of the black in Sal, and she was not a woman to submit tamely to indignities.
  • Lise, other women might submit tamely to be crushed, might be lulled and drugged by bribes: she would not.
  • Israel himself started in tamely enough as a farmer, having bought a tract of five hundred acres down in Connecticut.
  • The House could not be expected to tamely brook such a manifestation, and an order was given to clear the gallery.
  • Is there a county in all England that would have tamely witnessed his expulsion from amongst them by fire, and by sword and by poison?
  • My persecutor knew that I had some enterprise about me, and that I would not tamely submit to my imprisonment.
  • Rather than be tamely handed over to him in a commonplace wooing, she would have broken off all connection with him; and that she had not the strength to do.
  • I now waited patiently, week after week, subsisting on the oysters, the starfish, and the edible crustaceans, that wandered tamely about the shore.
  • Have we not tamely submitted for years to the daily violation of the freedom of the post-office and of the press by a committee of seal-breakers?
  • But he was not of the metal to accept tamely such a ticketing from the hat of destiny (via the Clerk of the House).
  • She could endure whatever was inevitable, but it was against her nature as well as her conscience to sit down tamely to endure any thing whatsoever till it did become inevitable.
  • Diana drew a quick breath, then said, "Enoch, I cannot submit tamely to such a decision.
  • He must either give up at once, and tamely allow himself to sink where he was, or he must swim to that cleft, and take his chances of getting out through it.
  • If they were to set her at liberty, could they expect that she would tamely forget the indignities they had offered her, or quietly submit to the new state of things they had established?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tamely | Tamely Sentence

  • Stingaree slid tamely to the ground.
  • To submit tamely to such a burden was unthinkable.
  • To submit tamely to such a burden was unthinkable.
  • Shall I tamely submit to this?
  • Thou my Lesbia tamely think to rival?
  • The Egyptians did not submit tamely to the Persian yoke.
  • He undoubtedly imagines that we will submit tamely to this outrage.
  • What is the use of having views, if they are just tamely agreed to at once?
  • His whole life was centered in her and he would not tamely give her up.
  • They would not surrender tamely to the rulership of the loathed race.
  • I won't tamely sit by and see her sacrificed.
  • He hated tyrants, and he despised those who tamely submitted to tyranny.
  • Truth does not triumph without blows, Error not tamely yields.
  • He sang on Sunday in the choir, And tamely capped the passing Squire.
  • Can ye behold this done And tamely hide your all-avenging fire? EL.
  • And think'st thou I, or these, will tamely stand, To view the execution?

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