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  • A corruption of the Tamil word pattankatti.
  • From Tamil tarahu, brokerage.
  • One of them started shouting at me in a forceful stream of Tamil.
  • Tamil MSS.
  • A Tamil Drama translated into English by Muta Coom
  • Kulam_, Tamil, a tank.]
  • [19] Accountants, Tamil.
  • " she said in Hindustani, which she spoke almost as fluently as Tamil. "

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  • Tamil coolies can be made to clean their cups in the day's task and at odd times.
  • There were teachers of mathematics, teachers of German, Tamil, Italian, Turkish and Russian.
  • I had to learn well and quickly, for language would be the main problem for me in this city where I spoke no Tamil.
  • On most estates, where the labour is Tamil or Javanese, it is supposed to be removed as fully as possible before the tapping cut is reopened.
  • Tamil coolies, as a rule, place the bucket on the head; Chinese and Javanese coolies like to use a balanced carrying-pole.
  • One hundred and four volumes of Tamil MSS. were purchased; as well as four Samaritan MSS.
  • The Kanarese literary language and the Tamil and Telugu rest on the foundations laid by the Jaina monks.
  • The tea estates and pearl fisheries of Ceylon, and the town work and harvesting in Burma attract large numbers of Tamil labourers.
  • Within the temple there are many shrines and many Tamil worshippers; high-caste Brahmans are also there to minister to the supposed wants of the higher gods.
  • Other than the spider work I tried to learn Tamil from Selvan but he was keen to learn English from me and so both of us failed in learning a new language and ended up speaking a cocktail of TamEnglish instead.
  • After much action and hand waving, I explained that I did not know Tamil, that I was from Goa and it was the first time I was travelling in a bus in Chennai.
  • It might not be credited to Tamil coolies, but yet it is probably true, that the moral effect of working under the cleanest and best conditions has an influence upon the store coolies, and that their work is better in consequence.
  • In doing this she repeated a passage of Scripture and sang a hymn in the Tamil language--the language used in that part of India.
  • Before the end of the 18th century Tamil labourers from southern India were wont to emigrate to the Straits Settlements, and they also flocked to Tenasserim from the other side of the Bay of Bengal after the conquest had produced a demand for labour.
  • To the Dutch their colonies in the Eastern seas are what our Indian Empire is to us; and with them the study of Malay, Javanese, Kawi, &c., takes the place of Persian, Hindustani, Tamil, Sanskrit, &c., which occupy our civilians in India.
  • In the Tamil country the church of Vishnu boasts of the Nal-ayira-prabandham, a collection of Tamil psalms numbering about 4,000 stanzas composed by twelve poets called Alvars, which were collected about 1000 A.D.; and the worship of 'Siva is equally well expressed in the Tiru-murai, compiled about the twelfth century, of which one section, the Devaram, was put together about the same time as the Nal-ayira-prabandham.
  • For instance, the great Tamilian poet, Sivavakkiar, writes as follows (see the Indian Antiquary, Bombay, Apr., 1872, first paper on Tamil Popular Poetry):
  • Our first impression was received at the landing jetty, where it seemed as if every nationality had its representative, so varied was the appearance of the natives,--the Laskas from the Malay Peninsula, the Hindus from India, as well as Tamil coolies, Arabs from Aden, Buddhist priests, and Mohammedans.
  • Tamil poetry--Indecent worship--Dancing girls at religious ceremonies--Christian and Pagan idolatry--Religious prostitution--Worship of the female--Development of indecent practices--
  • Canarin is the Portuguese form of the name applied to the natives of the coast, and interior north of Malabar, as far as and including Goa district; another form of the name is Karnatic, although it is now applied to the Tamil country on the eastern side of the Indian peninsula.--
  • COOLIE, or COOLY (from Koli or Kuli, an aboriginal race of western India; or perhaps from Tamil _
  • Siva's names--The heavens of Siva--Latsami--Power of the priests--Tamil poetry--Indecent worship--Dancing girls at religious ceremonies--Christian and Pagan idolatry--Religious prostitution--Worship of the female--Development of indecent practices--Sakti-puja. CHAPTER VI.
  • A Tamil Drama translated into English by Muta Coomara Swamy; cited in Conway's _Demonology and Devil Lore_, II., 35-43.]
  • Mr. Hewitt has shown that the chief annual festival of the Indian Dravidians begins with the first full moon after the winter festival, and Mr. Brown emphasizes the fact that the list of Tamil (Dravidian) lunar and solar months are named like the Babylonian constellations.[330] "Lunar chronology", wrote Professor Max Mailer, "seems everywhere to have preceded solar chronology."[331]
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