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  • Now, Mother Tanager is greenish and yellow, and Father Tanager is scarlet and black.
  • We had been making a visit to our veery nests, and on our way back noticed that the tanager was more than usually interested in our doings.
  • The singing of birds came from the bushes on the banks, and a sudden flash of flame told where a scarlet tanager had crossed.
  • Amadon and Phillips (1947:579) took an adult male Western Tanager at Las Delicias on August 12.
  • With me the cuckoo does not arrive till June; and often the goldfinch, the kingbird, the scarlet tanager delay their coming till then.
  • With me, the cuckoo does not arrive till June; and often the goldfinch, the king-bird, the scarlet tanager delay their coming till then.
  • All at once the tanager broke forth in a strangely excited way, blurting out his phrase two or three times and subsiding as abruptly as he had commenced.
  • This subspecies of Summer Tanager seems to occur throughout Coahuila except in the northeastern section of the State.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tanager | Tanager Sentence

  • The tanager and indigo-bird afford prominent examples.
  • This Summer Tanager occurs in northeastern Coahuila.
  • Occasionally the scarlet tanager lights it up with his vivid color.
  • Red-bird, summer, OR summer tanager (Piranga rubra).
  • Father Tanager also changes his scarlet coat after the nesting.

Definition of Tanager

Any of numerous species of often colorful passerine birds that inhabit New World forests, formerly all within the family Thraupidae, but now with some species placed in other families with birds such as finches and cardinals.
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