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  • He had to have tangible proof.
  • The race itself was almost a tangible thing ahead of him.
  • He seized upon that one tangible thought.
  • These rumours and accusations were soon put into a tangible shape.
  • It was so vague, yet so tangible if judged by its effect on others.
  • But, as usual, the chaplain had no tangible reason for this belief.
  • He's bound, sooner or later, to lose his grip on tangible things if he does.

How To Use Tangible In A Sentence?

  • The inquiry as to the origin of the skull now assumed a real and tangible form.
  • They are at least eminently useful as a link between tangible objects and those which are ideal.
  • It became tangible instead of being a frame almost as universal as sea and sky.
  • This fact is due to the more apparent and tangible form of real than personal property.
  • She grew restless and apprehensive, and yet she had no tangible reason for anxiety.
  • Fancy gave shape to her yearnings, and dreams revived their wretchedness into more tangible shape.
  • The facts of human life, whether tangible or intangible, have this same method.
  • It was as though the change had already come, and the real tangible world had passed away.
  • The specter of Conscription became more of a tangible reality from day to day.
  • For a time he stood motionless, under her window, musing on his happy tangible life.
  • Powers (75) says that nations fight for tangible things and also for intangible things.
  • Had she any tangible ground for believing that Calendar could be found in Queensborough?
  • The erection of the Hague Court gives something lasting and tangible to work from.
  • The Pacific telegraph assumed tangible form through the unquenchable energies of Edward Creighton.
  • What can there be more delightful than to see that which you have dreamed grow into tangible and enduring form?
  • The chisel which created such tangible deities gave them something more than the appearance of life.
  • The third element in this aspect of the teaching of patriotism is something more tangible and more immediately practical.
  • But the men he employed to turn his plans into tangible models worked slowly; why not use his own hands for what had to be done?
  • The almost tangible blackness in which the little group of people was wrapped greatly enhanced the difficulties attending restorative measures.
  • And yet once more, out of the almost tangible darkness above me, something seemed to reach down and brush against my head.
  • Smeaton, who had grown so utterly tired of theories and clues, began to believe he was on something tangible at last.
  • And she, when she felt that he was not watching her, when his silence was almost a tangible thing, looked at him with quick furtiveness.
  • If Pamela did marry him, her family might be expected to share some of the tangible fruits of the alliance.
  • It suggests a positive exaltation of the senses of sound and light, an ecstasy, an enchantment before the visible, tangible world.
  • But unhappily it remained, tangible and audible, and the wife perceived with horror the ruin time had wrought in the proud and stately man.
  • All thinking must be done for him; all new ideas must be presented to him, as it were, ready made and in tangible form.
  • So they came again, and when I ate my food by candlelight many human and tangible products of the past glared in at the doorway.
  • Whether this hysterical joy, this unselfish ecstasy, about a new life was founded upon a sound and tangible basis few people knew and fewer cared.
  • When men kept their gold in iron coffers, lock-fast cupboards, or a pot buried in an orchard, there was something tangible in wealth.
  • Here heaven drops down to earth; and the otherwise invisible beauties of the invisible God, are made tangible even to the eye.
  • Long before the divorce was granted John and Dorothy were aware of a tangible fruit of their love....
  • The stories that stir us are the stories that deal with actual, tangible realities in such terms that they make us feel that we are living the story ourselves.
  • But exactly these aerial burdens, whether of gratitude or of honour, most oppressed me as being least tangible and incapable of pecuniary or other satisfaction.

Definition of Tangible

Touchable; able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch | Possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete. | Comprehensible by the mind; understandable.
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