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  • The tangle will straighten out in time.
  • Had it been only a blind tangle of passion and pain?
  • Dreadful little tangle of misapprehensions and false judgments!
  • But they had long since fallen into a tangle of weeds and shrubbery.
  • Soon he saw it in a tangle of vines that ran over a dogwood bush.
  • Unravels an intricate tangle of political intrigue and private revenge.
  • Below was a tangle of bushes, and the white gleam of a stone bench.
  • A tangle of wire and frame-work, the bicycle lay at the road-side.
  • The third Hellene's face was hid under a tangle of hair.

How To Use Tangle In A Sentence?

  • Missy was embroiled in a catastrophe, a tangle of embarrassments and odd complications.
  • He removed his hat and ran a questioning hand through the matted tangle on his curly front.
  • At first the thoughts run on with a tangle and jangle, a turmoil almost of madness ...
  • Then, with time at a premium, I hastened to straighten out the tangle of pack-animals.
  • If only a few of us WERE angels and freed from the tangle of effort, how easy life might be!
  • It was the work of but a few moments to straighten out the tangle and head them again for the front.
  • So dense was the tangle now that at first the boys could see only a few hundred yards ahead of them.
  • They tangle themselves up in a series of low intrigues and are finally unmasked as one and all poor miserable sinners.
  • She smiled up at him, and before he could fire again she dumped the contents of the bucket into the whirling tangle of machinery below.
  • Michael took off his hat and the little light in the dark alley seemed to catch and tangle in the gleam of his hair.
  • Then of a sudden he was in a tangle of legs and stirrups and striking feet, and somebody grabbed him by the arm.
  • It is no part of our purpose to unravel the tangle of ecclesiastical and civil politics in which the proposed emigration had now become involved.
  • Once he made out a movement behind a nearer tangle and saw the branches shake before a heavy body that was forcing slowly through them.
  • Kut-le strolled over to a cat's-claw bush at whose base lay a tangle of dead leaves.
  • He'll wash under, tangle up, and be drowned before we get a chanst to snake him out.
  • The trail from above ended in a briar tangle fifty feet up the hill from the ledge on which four of the five outlaws slept.
  • If they advanced, it would be into a tangle of military and political embarrassments, the issue of which it was impossible to foresee.
  • He could have thrown his arms toward the blue sky and cursed aloud the fates that had set this new tangle at his feet.
  • Over the heap of half-rotted brushwood a tangle of wild vines had spread, and up through them a thicket of blackberry bushes had grown.
  • For'ard, Hermann and the crew were heaving in and straightening out the tangle of anchors.
  • Burton, who regarded nine-tenths of the doctrines of her church as a tangle of error, was nevertheless much struck with the story.
  • Above a ropy tangle of livid vines and creepers a kingly stench weed towered, purplish and bloated and weighted down with seed pods.
  • They stumbled along as best they could, over the rough ground, and through the tangle brush, towards the river.
  • The tangle of her yellow hair closes round her face upon which a deep blush had risen at sight of Nobili.
  • Instead of getting down, she got in, coming straight through the small window, and arriving in a tangle of pink and white at his side.
  • Then, searching further along the shore for driftwood, he came suddenly upon a tangle of wreckage piled high among the rocks.
  • Inside, though, where there should have been thwarts and seats and lockers, there was a mere tangle of braces, rough and unfinished.
  • The young aviator pictured Hiram and the machine in a tangle among the trees, or dropping upset among the rocks.
  • There was no road of any sort, only cattle tracks, which, amid the wild tangle of bush, made progress difficult and slow.
  • With some difficulty Kirkwood transhipped himself, landing asprawl in the cockpit, amid a tangle of cordage slippery with scales.
  • Having so concluded old Davy thought it his duty to consult an old body that lived in a dark tangle of birchwood at Ballaglass.

Definition of Tangle

(intransitive) to become mixed together or intertwined | (intransitive) to enter into an argument, conflict, dispute, or fight | (transitive) to mix together or intertwine
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