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  • It was tantamount to an avowal.
  • It was tantamount to a confession.
  • It was tantamount to an accusation.
  • The silence which followed was tantamount to a dismissal.
  • It was tantamount to saying love could die!
  • And that is nearly tantamount to saying he did not dance at all.
  • Why, it was tantamount to a prediction of the family downfall.
  • Therefore, to marry might be tantamount to forsaking her friends.
  • To disobey the king was tantamount to defiance of Almighty power.
  • This was, of course, tantamount to a declaration of war with England.
  • This was tantamount to a challenge, and Mr. Solomon accepted it.
  • Mrs. Elmore responded with a clutch tantamount to "Horrors!
  • Nothing--or, at all events, what is tantamount to it.

How To Use Tantamount In A Sentence?

  • To have let them straggle after that point would be tantamount to murder probably.
  • A trespass on this principle is always considered tantamount to a declaration of war.
  • Stupid way parsons have of saying that to wish a man dead is tantamount to murder.
  • Then an order from the Chief was tantamount to a law and was obeyed with alacrity.
  • If I apply to my fellow for help, it is tantamount to saying that God has failed me.
  • It would be tantamount to acknowledging she was for sale but that he hadn't the price.
  • The telegram was tantamount to an intimation that the authorities of the bank did not regard the robbery as the work of an outsider.
  • We have here a fact that is clear as daylight; and the imprint is almost tantamount to a discovery in the act.
  • In her opinion for anybody to lay a punitory hand upon her nephew was to commit an act tantamount to sacrilege.
  • The change which I propose will be tantamount to a national change from diseased and crippled infancy to healthy adolescence.
  • Crete also insisted upon sending delegates, which would have been tantamount to incorporating itself as part of Greece politically.
  • To recur to the phrase which I employed earlier, this is tantamount to saying that everything is important with the exception of everything.
  • To enumerate the gilds taking part in the miracle plays is tantamount to making an inventory of industrial crafts at the close of the Middle Ages.
  • The news that the ginarchists have placed a ginfernal machine in the very shrine of law and order is tantamount to a declaration of war upon sobriety as a whole.
  • To allow him to continue in his high office was tantamount to a grave scandal to religion, and his person was not safe from the fury of the populace.
  • On more than one occasion he seemed to regard opposition as tantamount to personal hostility, an attitude which at times was not entirely unjustified.
  • This was tantamount to placing them at the mercy of the Irish, whom Talbot had repelled from Dublin many times.
  • Amid this damning confusion, Van der Welcke's denial was tantamount to a confession....
  • And she owes it to herself to put a stop to the greatest iniquity in the annals of history, for not to put a stop to it when one has the power is almost tantamount to taking part in it.
  • On the other hand, there is this thumb-print, which, in the opinion of the experts, is tantamount to the evidence of an eye-witness that he did commit the theft.

Definition of Tantamount

Equivalent in meaning or effect. | (obsolete) To amount to as much; to be equivalent. | (obsolete) Something which has the same value or amount (as something else). (attributive use passing into adjective, below)
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