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  • Beautiful paintings and tapestries hung on the walls.
  • The most famous Burgundian tapestries hung on the walls.
  • Never had he seen tapestries the like of those that canopied his bed.
  • The walls are hung with splendid tapestries and costly oil paintings.
  • The gold-embroidered wall tapestries were of Sidonian purple.

How To Use Tapestries In A Sentence?

  • She seemed to be more pleased with the costly furniture and tapestries than with the prince.
  • The glimpses of gardens below seemed like glimpses of rich tapestries set with jewels.
  • She is a charming woman, and wants to consult you about some tapestries she is thinking of buying.
  • At one end of the room a large archway hung with tapestries led to the sleeping chambers.
  • The tapestries in these rooms are all old and charming in color, of old rose and pink.
  • France and Flanders made the most desirable tapestries in the fourteenth century.
  • His tapestries have never been equalled in refinement, color, breadth and general beauty.
  • Rich tapestries from Babylon were hung about the pavilion, giving a certain effect of seclusion.
  • The finest tapestries at Bayeux were made by the Queen of William the Conqueror.
  • The Keeper of the Tapestries was called from her place in the circle beside Marie Zerkovitch.
  • I do not wish that these tapestries of wrought mysteries should be suspended upon the walls of history.
  • These tapestries are perfectly beautiful, fourteen thousand shades of wool are used in their construction.
  • Then the ship rose again toward the mammoth rocks that shimmered in the sunlight adorned with the tapestries of falling wave.
  • Crown tapestries lined the way in double row, and flowers in profusion were strewn along the streets.
  • The tapestries made on looms proceed upon a different principle, and are woven instead of embroidered.
  • Fine rugs and tapestries and furniture gathered from the four ends of the world; but wholly livable and in no sense atmospheric of the museum.
  • Within the palace was a great hall richly hung with silken tapestries and gleaming softly with light that shone from carved crystal bowls.
  • She sang hardly above a whisper: the velvety tones of her voice sounded like the murmur of ghosts through the heavy tapestries of the room.
  • The royal pavilion had its poles plated with silver, the tapestries were green and purple, the couches were spread with gorgeous coverlets.
  • Embellished in old oak incrusted with gold, their walls are covered with antique tapestries set in huge oak framework with margins thick with gold.
  • The partitions were hidden under rich tapestries of poppy-coloured Venetian brocatelle with handsome designs in green and gold.
  • Arras tapestries were no longer made in the sixteenth century, and the best work of that time was accomplished in the Netherlands.
  • When Charles determined to beautify this sombre structure, statues were set up without and tapestries hung within.
  • Woven and painted tapestries clothed the walls of still other chambers, representing in entrancing colors the most occult mysteries of Egyplosis.
  • The Raphael tapestries were made there, by Peter van Aelst, under the order of Pope Leo X.
  • Great tapestries of velvet and jeweled lights; swift, smiling servants; and the languorous well-being of eating strange, delicious foods.
  • Magnificent tapestries graced the walls, famous paintings, rare cut-glass, chased silver and filigreed gold, and painted porcelain.
  • He was standing by the side of a long table with his black clothed figure outlined against the colours of luxuriant tapestries with which the walls were hung.
  • Seventeenth and eighteenth-century tapestries are the most suitable, as the scale of color is brighter and the compositions are gayer than in the earlier hangings.
  • After breakfast we lounged round and admired the tapestries and carpets and some pieces of statuary that were placed about, wondering the while what was going to happen next.
  • A rotunda contains tapestries after designs by Raphael, of which the original cartoons are now in Hampton Court.
  • He had the walls of St. Denis (which he built) hung with rich tapestries set with pearls and wrought with gold.
  • There are some curious old tapestries hung on the walls of the nave, a handsome carved pulpit and some fine glass of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
  • The king and court sat waiting within a great hall richly hung with silken tapestries and gleaming with lights that shone softly through carved crystal bowls.
  • It was decided after deliberation that they should be sold and the proceeds applied to the purchase of tapestries for the chapel of Dijon, and the treasurer was deputed to see about it.

Definition of Tapestries

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tapestry | plural of tapestry
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