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How To Use Tapioca In A Sentence?

  • It may be flavored with the rind of lemon cut very thin and removed when the tapioca is done.
  • Wash the tapioca well, and let it steep for five or six hours, changing the water three times.
  • In the morning add tapioca to one quart of milk, 3 tablespoonfuls of sugar, a pinch of salt.
  • As for jam, the diner in the restaurant rejoices in jam roll while the child in the home labours its way through tapioca pudding.
  • Soak the tapioca in the water two hours, then put in a double boiler and cook until clear, sweeten to taste.
  • Wash two-thirds cup of tapioca in four or five waters and then place in a saucepan and add one and one-half cups of water.
  • When cold add four eggs beaten light and flavor with vanilla, or the rind of a lemon grated and added when the tapioca is cooking.
  • She dressed herself, set the wretched room in some sort of order, and managed to prepare an edible dish out of soaked tapioca and sugar.
  • They are compelled to work from sunrise to sunset, and they are given nothing to eat but mashed maize boiled in water, and tapioca bread.
  • Soak the tapioca over night in cold water; in the morning boil it in 1 quart of water until perfectly clear, and add the sugar and pineapple syrup.
  • Soak two-thirds of a cup of tapioca in three cups of cold water, add one pound of chopped figs and one and one-half cup of brown sugar.
  • Just before the tapioca sets add one cupful of chopped nuts and one teaspoonful of vanilla, (with knife), one-fourth teaspoonful salt.
  • Cook milk, onion, mace and celery together for 15 minutes, then strain into the tapioca and broth; add the butter, salt and pepper.
  • Use the yolk of egg for making the dressing for the cole slaw and the white of egg and one-half glass of jelly for making the meringue for the grape tapioca blanc mange.
  • Bring to a boil and cook slowly until clear and the tapioca is soft, then add One-half package of seeded raisins, Yolk of one egg.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tapioca | Tapioca Sentence

  • Wash and soak the tapioca over night.
  • Cook in the oven until the tapioca is transparent or soft.
  • Follow the recipe for tapioca and strawberry jelly.
  • Sweet Rice Balls, 139. Tapioca Soup, 6.
  • Soak a teacup of tapioca in a quart of warm water three hours.
  • Wash one-half cup of pearl tapioca in plenty of water to remove the starch.
  • Boil the tapioca until quite tender, with the Lemon rind, in the water.

Definition of Tapioca

A starchy food made from the cassava plant, used in puddings.
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