Tardy In A Sentence

How To Use Tardy In A Sentence?

  • It would have been better not to have waited for tardy assistance so feebly administered.
  • A survey of his early life reveals some of the reasons for this tardy development.
  • He knew that something of moment must be afoot to make the ranger tardy for his appointment.
  • I have means which can make the tardy quick, and open the eyes of the blind.
  • Jinny made sarcastic comments on his tardy appearance, and laughed at his heavy eyes.
  • He had tried guillotine and grape-shot, but both were too tardy in their action to suit his zeal.
  • Then came universal recognition, generous if not prompt, a tardy acknowledgment.
  • She had told Ninitta she should be late and the latter was therefore tardy in arriving.
  • The Spaniards, tardy or unwilling in the collection, brought in the money the day after.
  • This somewhat tardy edict was accepted by all, and San Francisco became a name to conjure with.
  • It is to be hoped that at the end of this campaign a tardy recognition will be made of his services.
  • She was immediately surrounded by the girls, who besieged her with questions as to the why and wherefore of her tardy appearance.
  • He is more tardy in completing his growth, and early indulgence more readily saps his constitution.
  • The motion of the components is so tardy that to complete a circuit of their orbits they require a period of about sixteen centuries.
  • After all her hints he had not understood that he should have left the choice to her, and so got little thanks for his tardy gift.
  • But perhaps, in general, your brother is inclined to imitate you and be a tardy pattern of your genius.
  • But the handwriting was on the wall, and tardy justice came at last and avenged the woes of an oppressed race!
  • He retracted on his death-bed all his arbitrary measures, and conceded to the people the tardy restoration of their ancient constitution.
  • Such were the furious cries which met the tardy words of moderation, which the consul now tried to make the excited people heed.
  • When scarcely out of the cradle, we reap the rich inheritance of the errors of our fathers, and the results of their tardy thoughts.
  • They have not erected to themselves colossal statues upon pedestals of human bones, to provoke and insult the tardy hand of heavenly retribution.
  • Though we snatched our books and ran through the corridors we were two minutes tardy in reaching the Latin room.
  • It has power to move through space with an inconceivable velocity, far exceeding the tardy motions of electricity, or of physical light.
  • By its aid whoever has got it in his purse assails boldly, Though kindred be perished or tardy to help.
  • At six o'clock the submarine's whistle blew shrilly, and a few tardy passengers approaching from the direction of the yard gates broke into a run.
  • The Prussian Government was not tardy in showing appreciation of its advocate's eminent services.
  • She evidently resented his tardy appearance in the Avenue Labedoyere; she hardly noticed his beautiful flowers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tardy | Tardy Sentence

  • Then the tardy bark of a rifle.
  • The tide was too tardy in turning!
  • Thou art a tardy bridegroom.
  • She made a tardy and futile protest.
  • By his tardy coming the Governor meant to humiliate them!
  • I found Waiting my coming though the tardy night.
  • Speed then away, O tardy years!
  • Bronze Ladies of the Lake await their tardy lovers.
  • For shame, you tardy marigold, Are you not budded yet?
  • Reflection is a progress more or less tardy in the individual and in the race.
  • Amid much tardy and chaotic hospitality the meal got under way.
  • But she should ask them, at last, to make her a tardy restitution.
  • Now you go about your tardy business and I will see to mine.

Definition of Tardy

Late; overdue or delayed. | Moving with a slow pace or motion; not swift. | Ineffectual; slow-witted, slow to act, or dull.
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