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How To Use Tars In A Sentence?

  • The young tars thought it was, and wondered that they had not suspected something of the kind.
  • When America has such tars she has little to fear from the tyrants of the ocean.
  • Those two delighted tars went the rounds and tied every single man on that vessel hand and foot.
  • In another minute American and English tars were swarming below decks on the yacht.
  • And from the way the vessel trembled and shook it could be told that the irate tars down below were making things hum.
  • They remembered all the sea-phrases they heard the old tars use, and never failed to bring them in on all proper occasions.
  • The rage of the Yankee tars at what seemed to them a cowardly and sneaking way to capture the ship was too great for them to control.
  • The sturdy tars bent to their oars, and the boat left the murmuring waters of the sunlit Mediterranean.
  • The young tars saw the war-like preparations, and they saw the robbers, too, and knew that they were more to be feared than all the Crusoe band.
  • It is an optimism that is shared equally alike by the Tommies in the trenches and the Jack Tars at their battle-stations.
  • The young tars growled lustily, and looked toward the captain, who stood with his hands behind his back, dividing his attention between the tugs and the schooner.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tars | Tars Sentence

  • Whilst the Tars with their Caps shall huzza, huzza, huzza.
  • Iron coffins our ships, Death-doomed tars are our men.
  • Such was the valor, on that day, Of british tars near Stonington.
  • Murray turned, and saw the two stalwart British tars standing beside Thyra.

Definition of Tars

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tar | plural of tar
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