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  • And it was all because of the Tartary lamb.
  • Tartary, Gulf of, 153.
  • And how, pray, did you hear of the Tartary lamb?
  • Be Princess of Crim Tartary!
  • KALAF, Prince of Tartary.
  • Already from the steppes of Tartary had issued cyclones of Huns.
  • In Chinese Tartary and Thibet, every peasant manufactures it for himself.

How To Use Tartary In A Sentence?

  • Carl had an illustration of that one day when he chanced to drop a remark about the Tartary lamb.
  • Even so, and after the same manner, the great Cham of Tartary has a carbuncle on his nose.
  • The Crim Tartary crown diamonds are uncommonly fine, and I shall never have any use for them.
  • The result was unfortunate, for the commissioner fell ill on the way through Tartary in a few days, and was left behind.
  • The pastures of Tartary were still remembered by the tenacious practice of the Norsemen to eat horse-flesh at religious feasts.
  • More might have been told of them, but Tartary is a far land and no news of them has of late years reached Brittany.
  • One of the most extraordinary adventures that we have ever heard has set the neighbouring country of Crim Tartary in a state of great excitement.
  • It is forty-two years since he began his reign in Tartary to the present year, 1288, and he is fully eighty-five years of age.
  • In Chinese Tartary, travellers who have no means of making a cup of tea, will chew the leaves as a substitute.
  • But, torn as he was by the cactuses of Barbary and the thickets of Tartary, the seneschal had lost nothing of his haughty air.
  • In Tartary, the owl is looked upon in another light, though not valued as it ought to be for its useful destruction of moles, rats, and mice.
  • On the south it was bounded by a slip of land, the name of which has slipped my memory; but it runs into the seas under the dominion of the great chain of Tartary.
  • And even we, with all our wisdom, are going to be laughed at years hence, precisely as you are laughing now about those who believed the story of the Tartary lamb.
  • Any other maiden in our empire shall be sent to him with gifts worthy to be offered by the great Youantee, and worthy to be accepted by the great khan of Tartary.
  • He was about to penetrate to Tartary when he heard of the outbreak of the Revolution; and immediately started for France where he arrived at the beginning of 1791.
  • But that night she would have dared the Grand Cham of Tartary, if that dignitary had had a phone number and been an annoyance to Francis Ellison.
  • The Mountains of Tartary are a favourite lounge, if I happen to miss the Alleghany ridge, or have no whim for Savoy.
  • Among the great families of Tartary from whom the chiefs of the royal Kajar tribe claim descent, much importance has always been given to the birth of the mother of a candidate for high position.
  • His father and uncle were also travelers; they went to Tartary in 1255, returning to Europe in 1269, as envoys from the noted Kublai Khan.
  • Marco Polo relates that Genghis Khan, ruler of Chinese Tartary had such a courier service about one thousand years ago.
  • Prevented from returning to Europe through the outbreak of a tribal war in Tartary, the travellers proceeded to Bokhara, where they stayed three years.
  • It is, in truth, only a large fern found in Tartary, of which the rhizoma is covered with the woolly fungus-like growth, found in greater or less degree on many species of ferns.
  • On the west of it is Mongolia, which any of the old-fashioned gentlemen may call Chinese Tartary if they prefer, though that designation is not in use now.
  • She knew that, in conformity to the unalterable regulations of Crim Tartary, she could only leave the institution once a month, and the prospect of this long interval between her visits was by no means cheering.
  • The whole force of England in those waters was at that moment engaged in blockading the Russian fleet in the Bay of Castris in the Gulf of Tartary.
  • By a great convulsion that took place in China, the inhabitants of that and the adjoining parts of Tartary were driven from their seats, and after various wanderings took up their abode in Germany.
  • And so she went on enumerating quite a list of the nobility and gentry of Crim Tartary, so admirably had Her Majesty profited by her studies while in exile.
  • In the kingdom of Kashgar, which is, as everybody knows, situated on the frontiers of Great Tartary, there lived long ago a tailor and his wife who loved each other very much.
  • This is practised to this day by several Tartarian tribes of the religion of Buddha; and the expression of the bones of the son of the spirit of heaven is peculiar to the Chinese, and some tribes in Tartary.
  • He contracted a firm friendship with the nephew of the Grand Khan of Tartary, who, having been ousted from his possessions by an uncle, had sought and found an asylum in the Polish court.
  • If the whole earth hadn't gone crazy, I'd cut stick for Tartary or some confounded place that isn't on the map.
  • Know then that the sublime Sultan did not make thy master Khan of Tartary that he might dwell in Transylvania, nor has he set my master on the throne of Transylvania to endure the insolence of thy master!
  • Indeed, after ten years, during which this state of things had not ceased to trouble him, Schahriar cut off the country of Great Tartary from the Persian Empire and made his brother king.
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