Task Was In A Sentence

How To Use Task Was In A Sentence?

  • The task was not as difficult as some may think.
  • But their task was not finished when night came.
  • Our next task was to rig up the runners.
  • The task was to get within shot.
  • The first stage in his task was accomplished.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Task Was | Task Was Sentence

  • The task was not for her.
  • Then the task was completed.
  • But the task was too great for her.
  • The task was difficult.
  • The task was finished.
  • This task was accomplished.
  • The worst of his task was over.
  • The task was very easy.
  • One task was finished.
  • The task was not difficult.
  • And the task was to avoid them.
  • They saw at once that their task was hopeless.
  • The first task was to find him.
  • The task was indeed difficult.
  • His task was no easy one.
  • The chief task was achieved!
  • But the task was not as easy as they had thought.
  • Her task was nearing completion.
  • At last the task was ended.
  • This task was not an easy one.
  • But the third task was the hardest.
  • One-third of his task was accomplished.
  • The worst of his task was accomplished.
  • The task was complicated and tedious.
  • At length the task was accomplished.
  • The third task was the most difficult of all.
  • My task was now of short duration.
  • His task was truly beyond him.
  • Our next task was to step the mast.
  • The task was peculiarly difficult and trying.
  • And this time the man for the task was at hand.
  • Half the task was not finished when night came on.
  • Up to a certain point his task was easy.
  • The latter task was by far the most painful.
  • But this task was never adequately undertaken.
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