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  • Sew the tassel at top of cap.
  • It was just a futile little tassel on the fringe of life.
  • A worsted tassel finishes the lower end.
  • Artikeln framkallade mycket tissel och tassel i staden.
  • Squire Van Tassel had a very miserly exterior.
  • You will find a fancy rope with a tassel on the end of it in every room.
  • Every tassel of their rusty foliage is defined with pre-Raphaelite minuteness.
  • I drifted around, feelin' lonesome and like a drab tassel on a red fringe.
  • She began, like a child, to finger a tassel hanging from her mother's cloak.
  • DRAMATIST William G. Van Tassel Sutphen.

How To Use Tassel In A Sentence?

  • There she lifted herself a little and patted the tassel which hung from the blind.
  • For some reason it appeared to her as a small golden tassel on the edge of a vast black cloak.
  • The cap may be finished with a cord and tassel to match in colors, or with a tassel only.
  • Make a tassel of the colored (blue) yarn, and attach to top of cap by a crocheted cord.
  • The tassel lay in his hand, a silken thing, slightly frayed, as if convulsive fingers had torn it.
  • A worsted tassel might be put at the top (in front) as well as at the bottom, and a loop at C.
  • Old Van Tassel was civil enough when he saw the bag of dollars, and was full of fine speeches.
  • Both arise from the summit of a very short column and twist in all directions forming a tassel or tuft.
  • She continued this with a certain sedateness and concentration until the tassel went beyond her reach and caught in the curtain.
  • They were strung strongly on a thick thread of scarlet silk, and there was a scarlet tassel at the end.
  • He paused for a moment, and played with a tassel which fell across his lap from the cushion she had placed in the chair.
  • Peter came out with her, and followed her into the sitting-room, where she stood listlessly playing with the tassel of the blind.
  • He had brought her the gray sapphires he once promised her, a long string of them with pearls between, and a tassel of pearls at either end.
  • Here the pistils are on the ear, the corn silk being the styles and stigmas, while the pollen is produced in the tassel at the top of the plant.
  • Dona Maria wore a cap of the same kind, with a gold tassel coquettishly falling over her left shoulder.
  • About the middle of August you will see the tassel springing up out of the middle of the plant, and the ears coming out of the sides.
  • Lying across the arms of the chair was a large, peculiarly shaped trumpet of aluminum, ornamented with a heavy cord and tassel of gray silk.
  • And so she paused, and Julia fumbled the tassel of the window-curtain, and trembled with the chill of expectation.
  • The sides of the pouches should be decorated with designs painted in bright colors and a little tuft or tassel of red yarn fastened at the middle of the bottom of the pouch.
  • Tall yellow plumes, similar to the tassel of the corn, and fastened to the wreath in such manner that when the wreath is worn the plume will stand above the forehead.
  • He wore pongee knickerbockers and red silk stockings and on his curls jauntily rested a peaked velvet cap from which a heavy gold tassel fell over upon his shoulder.
  • An extract of the tassels has been put on the market, but it is better to administer a decoction made from 20 grams of tassel to 1 liter of water to be taken at will during the day.
  • Squire Van Tassel is a hard man; and a widow woman, with no relative at hand but a grand-darter that is just sixteen, is scarce able to meet him.
  • There was a green silk tassel from the fringe of Queen Mary's bed at Holyrood Palace.

Definition of Tassel

To adorn with tassels. | (botany) To put forth a tassel or flower. | A ball-shaped bunch of plaited or otherwise entangled threads from which at one end protrudes a cord on which the tassel is hung, and which may have loose, dangling threads at the other end. Tassels are normally decorative elements, and as such one often finds them attached, usually along the bottom hem, to garments, curtains or other hangings.

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