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  • Such tastes are hereditary.
  • It tastes of the cask?
  • Her tastes were very simple.
  • All their tastes were in common.
  • The solution tastes sour.
  • The mind tastes the bitterness of adversity.
  • She had read and thought; she had the same tastes as he.
  • He was not backward, but his tastes were simple.
  • Mabel has a hundred tastes which I do not share with her.
  • Both taste good, but the experienced know which tastes best.
  • As to those old-time books, we need to realize that tastes change.
  • Too grateful for the blessing lent Of simple tastes and mind content!
  • Molly's tastes were simple and Nance's were what might be called complicated.
  • Were a beseeming Epitaph for me, The other tastes of too much soveraigntie.
  • Kosciuszko's means were slender, and his tastes remained always simple.
  • He had heard somehow of Grandfather Mole's tastes and habits.

How To Use Tastes In A Sentence?

  • Brant was very desirous of securing a missionary who would suit the tastes of all.
  • Stoddard was an eccentric, but only so far as his tastes in architecture were concerned.
  • All my tastes and ideas during those blank years had apparently become inverted.
  • That one debauch of clothes satisfied him for life; after that his tastes were markedly simple.
  • The solution tastes neither sour nor brackish; it has no effect upon indicators.
  • Too grateful for the blessing lent Of simple tastes and mind content!
  • Truly, in the unconscious life when I had been my other self, my real tastes had been inverted.
  • My tastes were studious, my disposition contemplative, and I was a lover of rural life.
  • On this occasion his tastes were not being consulted, his intelligence even was not being appealed to.
  • I found myself living a life which was so artificial and incongruous to my own tastes as to appear utterly unreal.
  • It fosters the love of what is good and uplifting before low tastes have become a chronic propensity.
  • It was not until the wealthy and obedient young person began to develop tastes of her own that she found the burden irksome.
  • His tastes and accomplishments were many and various, and he was very young-hearted and enthusiastic in the pursuit of them all his life.
  • At times, as has been pointed out, the teacher is wholly ignorant as to the habits and tastes of the immigrant.
  • He had tastes somewhat similar to hers, and it was a pleasure to point out to him what she had done to the house, and to receive his commendation.
  • They had first met at a summer camp, some years before, and a strong similarity of character and tastes had drawn them to each other at once.
  • The national tastes of the English do not lead them to the life of the courtier, but to secure the comfort and independence of their homes.
  • She has real talent; and her mind has been trained, and her tastes directed, with affectionate skill and vigilance by her gifted brother.
  • When he had earned the fortune he had come to Australia to earn he meant to prove to the world how keen and true his artistic tastes were.
  • The first would be the right form in a paragraph on the dramatists of the Restoration; the second, in a paragraph on the tastes of modern readers.
  • It is easy to see how those who compiled these lists have been largely influenced in making their selection by their own peculiar tastes and fancies.
  • But we do Mr. Watt's lusty bantling injustice in assigning him exclusively the tastes of a cit.
  • Certainly she was not the person to tell him, being as reticent about the astonishing things she had done as she was childishly frank about her picturesque tastes and fancies.

Definition of Tastes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of taste | plural of taste
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