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How To Use Tasty In A Sentence?

  • Rich with the flavor of cuds of green herbs chewed into creamy milk that makes tasty curds.
  • And when shot it is a good table-bird, with as much tasty flesh on it as a woodcock or partridge.
  • As tasty as all Greek cheeses because they are made principally from sheep milk.
  • She often brought these tasty little cakes to Freddie, and he considered them a great treat.
  • Pitts had arranged the lunch in a very tasty manner on the tables in what the boys had called the fore and after cabins.
  • His heavy lips parted and closed with a sucking smack as though expressing appreciation of a tasty morsel.
  • For a festive handout cut the spice cake or fruit cake in slices and sandwich them with slices of tasty cheese between.
  • A very rich and tasty variety is made of equal parts whole milk and buttermilk heated together to just under the boiling point.
  • It provides tasty and wholesome food at a cost that makes it entirely possible to eat to repletion for twenty cents or less.
  • He it is who never put tasty food or heady drink into his body, from the time when he embraced the religious life.
  • Poppy seeds are also used, and either of these makes a snappier puff, especially tasty when served with soup.
  • Tomatoes may be wiped, put in a pie-dish, batter poured over, and then baked, and are very tasty this way.
  • Politics took in moderation, follerin' a meal of business, makes an all-fired tasty dessert....
  • The tops of young nettles, when emerald green, make a capital dish, like spinach, rather more tasty than the latter vegetable.
  • For any cheese pastry or fruit and custard pie crusts, work in tasty shredded sharp Cheddar in the ratio of 1 to 4 parts of flour.
  • She does not even now eat the caterpillar, but hurries along the paths of the branches with the obvious purpose of finding a tasty insect to eat long with it.
  • It was already late in the afternoon when the hunters sat them down to a simple but tasty repast spread upon a huge and level grass-plot in the midst of the wood.
  • This article will be of assistance to all those who are wishing to try a healthful and humane diet, and to those meat eaters who wish to provide tasty meals for vegetarian friends.
  • Levi had installed himself in this little apartment, and felt like a lord, as he sat in its cushioned arm-chair at the desk, glancing at his tasty and convenient surroundings.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tasty | Tasty Sentence

  • This is a very tasty dish.
  • This is a tasty dish.
  • Ou, a tasty crittury!
  • You know how to dress in a tasty way.
  • Well, it will make a tasty tree too.
  • Here is a handsome new meeting-house with a tasty steeple.
  • This is an extremely tasty French dish.
  • The soft roe of a herring is a tasty morsel (thing).
  • You shall have 'em cooked up tasty for supper.
  • You got an eye for a tasty bit of colorin'.
  • They usually eat the plainest foods, because they know of no tasty dishes.
  • Why God has filled the yearth sae fu' o' tasty things to pree.
  • Eaten promptly, "pig" corn is every bit as tasty as Jubilee.

Definition of Tasty

Having a pleasant or satisfying flavor; delicious. | (obsolete) Having or showing good taste; tasteful. | (slang) Appealing; when applied to persons, sexually appealing.
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