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  • And what may he have taught you?
  • My aunt taught her only to work.
  • You taught me how a man becomes immortal.
  • I was taught nothing but fear and hatred.
  • My years in Germany taught me that.
  • It taught Joan a lesson.
  • He taught Gabriel Voisin how to fly gliders.
  • For she had taught them, and they drew their fortitude from her.
  • Precocious instinct and the comments of her step-mother had taught her much.
  • Who taught you to stuff your pocket-handkerchief into your trousers pocket?
  • Picketing the horse as Pinkey had taught him, he put the cow on a rope also.
  • I once felt the same way, until Captain Middleton taught me better.
  • These doctrines are taught in other passages of Scripture: see Rom.
  • Within, we were taught as the chief subjects of instruction, Latin and Greek.

How To Use Taught In A Sentence?

  • But my experience here has taught me that any such sacrifice is not required of me.
  • I find that it is not to the advantage of the colored people to be taught at present.
  • But experience taught him that he could not transform and mould his own character at pleasure.
  • Millicent taught me to sing from notes and to discern the aspect of the key-board.
  • He had fallen indeed, but he might be taught such a lesson by that fall as he might never forget.
  • Theology alone is the one true science, and its dogmas alone may be taught as certain.
  • Here dwell the diligent beavers whom Nature herself has taught the art of building.
  • To be "a good sport" was perhaps the best lesson that the world had yet taught her.
  • For we were little Christian children, and had early been taught the value of forbidden fruit.
  • Her mother early had taught her to read, and Mr. Chittenden had gathered quite a library.
  • In contact with a man who had deliberately chosen evil to be his good he had been taught what evil meant.
  • She was evidently a good linguist and musician, for she taught music and the languages before she was sixteen.
  • But not for the world must anything be taught as to the evolution of this globe; for this rests from beginning to end on unproved hypotheses.
  • When he entered it his knowledge must have been very slender, and as a young man he began to learn things ordinarily taught to a mere child.
  • My fayther and mother were godly people, and taught me to love the Lord by precept and example too.
  • By her he was taught never to forget that he was well born, and that, as a gentleman, honor must be his guiding star through life.
  • Oneida Institute was a refuge for the oppressed, quite as much as a place where the students were magnetized and taught to weed onions.
  • He taught me all that I now teach you; and when he died, he asked me to take care of his baby and his lessons.
  • But you gentlemen, if I may say so, have a way of forgetting certain other things and other people which we are rather taught to look for first.
  • When she died, no one taught me; and while papa was out all day, I played with my toys and sat upon the stairs.
  • But let us go over the rest of the sciences to see what, according to Virchow, may be taught in each without endangering the safety of science.
  • Although a few non-commissioned officers have been taught flying, the organization only contemplates the employment of commissioned officers as pilots.
  • We only like a white ceiling because we have been accustomed to such from infancy, and because we have been taught to regard a clean white ceiling as all that is to be desired.
  • Life has taught me; it is in my blood and bone to stop and question, to look so long that at last I lose the will to choose, or to leap.
  • The tricks and passions I had been teased into became irksome, and I was disliked by my teachers for the very lessons they had taught me.
  • He was well off, I should suppose, for he used to dress a great deal, and had a horse, and taught all over the town.

Definition of Taught

simple past tense and past participle of teach
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