Taunt In A Sentence

How To Use Taunt In A Sentence?

  • He threw this sneering taunt at me with deliberate insolence.
  • Inez resumed her pleading as if the insolent taunt were unnoticed by her.
  • To taunt him with being half-educated was the mark of a small mind.
  • And she knew that the secret would haunt her and taunt her always.
  • Don't taunt me, dear!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Taunt | Taunt Sentence

  • I am not here to taunt you with it.
  • It is not for you to taunt me with that if it is so.
  • But it was now only a taunt and a torment.
  • You can never taunt me with that.
  • But your taunt is ungenerous.
  • The taunt roused his anger.
  • She would not taunt him with his words.
  • That hound of hell can taunt her no more.
  • The taunt suddenly chilled him.
  • Had she followed to taunt her to her face?
  • He smiled as if the taunt pleased him.
  • The taunt struck home.
  • Agatha let the taunt pass unheeded.
  • But the taunt and the fable had long been stingless.
  • Her taunt fell quite unnoticed.
  • He would laugh at anyone who tried to taunt him.
  • The taunt sank in as oil sinks into a cloth.
  • She shut her eyes and heard the taunt of his laugh.
  • I repented of this taunt almost the moment it was uttered.
  • I was a girl again, till his quiet taunt awoke me.
  • Dares Uri taunt us so?
  • The taunt annoyed Brad.
  • The taunt provoked her to a new anger, to a new strength.
  • To taunt a common General!
  • The taunt was more than Gray could bear.
  • This taunt did not particularly disturb Harry.
  • Stung by the taunt the Henchman answers boldly.
  • This bitter taunt galled the soul of Manfred.
  • Nay, the Mediterranean will taunt us in the very next war.
  • But, by God! beware how you taunt me.
  • The taunt went home, and Hendry pulled himself together.
  • But Braxton Wyatt ignored the taunt in his anxiety.
  • The taunt struck home, since it included Odo with William.
  • Conscience should not taunt him with his bitter neglect again.
  • In his grief and despair he allowed himself to taunt his tyrant.

Definition of Taunt

(nautical) Very high or tall. | to make fun of (someone); to goad (a person) into responding, often in an aggressive manner. | A scornful or mocking remark; a jeer or mockery
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