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  • But before the hotel there had been a famous tavern on the site, and then a hippodrome.
  • The landlord of the tavern keeping his eye on a man whom he suspected of an intention to bolt.
  • They dressed in clean clothes then went down to the tavern and had something to eat and drink.
  • Distances were given in almanacs of the day, not from town to town, but from tavern to tavern.
  • The tavern keeper asked no questions, but his eyes gleamed at sight of the yellow coin.
  • The waiter and bartender at the Lion Tavern professed total ignorance of such a man.
  • She went to the tavern for white wine and red, And when she came back the dog stood on his head.
  • In the tavern bright and gay, I with song would mirthfully Bear thee joyous company.
  • The tavern maid brought the drinks, served them, and winked at Cardinal Allen before she left.
  • The members of the "Rebel Congress" arose from their beds at the tavern in Menotomy, to view them.
  • He was interrupted here by the sound of footsteps heavily but rapidly ascending the tavern staircase.
  • Over the crest of the hill appeared the summit of a load of hay going to the scales in front of the tavern to be weighed.
  • His portraits of gentlefolk are true and noble, but hardly so expressive as those of fishwives and tavern heroes.
  • It was usual for her at this hour to stop at the tavern for the mail which might be ready there, and herself take it to the post-office.
  • They were incessantly bringing some disgrace upon the theatre by their tavern frolics, and their pranks about the country town.
  • When a hero fares forth singing in the dawn, the author must know at once his snug tavern for the night.
  • The two were connected by a hanging bridge or scaffolding, and also connected by a similar foot-bridge with the tavern itself.
  • Thirty years had the old mill been the rallying-point of the farmers, to the exclusion of the attractions of the tavern in the little town.
  • It can readily be seen what a news centre such a tavern must have been, how much knowledge of the world must have been gathered by its occupants.
  • A tavern was the usual place of their sessions, and a noisy orgy was mingled with a contemptible parody of public forms of justice.
  • They made their way slowly to the tavern and when they got to it, they walked in and headed for the flat-table and he ordered a mug of cider.
  • At the tavern were students with ribbons, pink or blue, fluttering from their buttonholes, these being the badges of rival societies.
  • It is said that he was an "atheist", and that the tavern dagger was just in time to save him from imminent risk of stake and faggot.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tavern | Tavern Sentence

  • There are two tavern interiors here.
  • In what low, shabby tavern had he left her?
  • A large, blond tavern maid soon came to the table.
  • It was the strange guest in the tavern by Corinth.
  • We got to the tavern at three o'clock.
  • The sailor pledged the ring at a tavern in exchange for bread.
  • Such were the practical jokes of stage and tavern life in olden days.
  • The little tavern was thronged and the air charged with the spirit of war.
  • The officers flocked to the tavern in the square, where the cry was for drink.
  • Erskine, too, left then and went back to the tavern and up to his room.
  • Lloyd soon came into the tavern and sat down with Boyce, at a table.
  • Not so the landlord of Pollard's Tavern and his lady.
  • The tavern maid grinned, then once again winked at Cardinal Allen.
  • My fire was out, my room in the Tavern of Stars still carpeted in shadow.
  • The note was addressed to one Captain Harris, at a tavern on the port-side.
  • This tavern was removed to Moon Street, and was kept by Mrs. Milk.
  • There's a tavern at the cross roads, and some men were in there.

Definition of Tavern

A building containing a bar licensed to sell alcoholic drinks, and usually offering accommodation; an inn.
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