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  • The value of their taxable property is $6,256,547.
  • The value of its taxable property is only $8,958,724.
  • Westerling, in the hearty tribute of a taxable soldier to a capable soldier.

How To Use Taxable In A Sentence?

  • It can be remedied only by recognizing the different classes of taxable property.
  • Greater permanent revenue to state and country than is possible under the present system of destroying the taxable source.
  • The fact of moral evil still confronts us, and the humanity to which we lift our hearts up is still taxable with that.
  • A poll tax of twenty-five cents on all taxable white polls was laid, and on every taxable negro poll fifty cents.
  • The taxable property of the state by last assessment, in 1897, including real and personal property, was $570,598,813.
  • The proportion of taxable property held by each man, woman, and child in Oregon is therefore $277.47.
  • A large portion of the total area of Curry County is in the forest reserve making the taxable area relatively small.
  • Greater strictness in assessment was sought by the appointment of commissioners for each county, supplied with special instructions as to taxable goods and exemptions.
  • In any event, relief to the earner would free his savings to invest in taxable securities and we need above all things to stimulate the initiative of the saver.
  • As the property of every person is to be assessed in proportion to its value, it is necessary, first, to make a correct valuation of all the taxable property.
  • In some states, persons liable to taxation are themselves required to furnish lists of all their taxable property, printed blank lists having been previously distributed among them for this purpose.
  • Yet, after his death in 1906, an inventory of his estate filed in January, 1907, disclosed a clear taxable personal property of $49,977,270.
  • The average taxable property of the population of the valley counties is $282.68; that of the population of Eastern Oregon, $228.96.
  • He, better than any other member, knew how much our company was doing for the development of the country, the furnishing of employment for laborers, and the increase of taxable inhabitants.

Definition of Taxable

subject to taxation. | Something on which tax must be paid.
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