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  • The taxes for wars were wrung out of the sons of labour and sorrow.
  • Pandora could raise no taxes for schools, so there were none.
  • I've paid $11 taxes for eight or nine years and now pay $5 a year.
  • Silesia was discharged from all taxes for six months;

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  • Rather than pay the taxes for the accursed forts they would plant no more tobacco.
  • Every year it became more difficult to raise the extraordinary taxes for the army and navy.
  • They see only one thing: the necessity of paying taxes for matters that they do not understand.
  • An Israelite dealing in spirituous liquors lies exclusively under taxes for such a privilege.
  • The county taxes for defraying local expenses, were assessed and collected by the justices of the peace.
  • Of late, their clatter had been about the extra taxes for the recent increase of the standing forces by another corps.
  • The taxes for the county, and sometimes the taxes for the parish also, were collected by the sheriff.
  • There is not a town that does not mulct them in taxes for every pole they erect, and for every wire they extend through the streets.
  • It has sometimes seemed that the poorer a man and the larger the number of his children, the greater his dread of taxes for education.
  • When the poor man had paid his taxes for the necessary support of the government, very little remained to him to clothe his wife and children.
  • In the execution of this policy it may be advisable to substitute new rates of duty and new taxes for those now levied in the Philippines.
  • The subsoil is completely broken up and the dry, dead top soil converted into a rich loam for less than the amount of the taxes for a year or two.
  • His removal to Valladolid seems to have been by command of the revenue authorities, where he still collected taxes for public and private persons.
  • Our entire taxes for last year, including iron, skins, butter, salmon, amounted to somewhat over ten thousand marks.
  • The loans raised for expenditure on the Irish famine were charged by England on the Irish taxes for repayment.
  • The imposition of small taxes for the promotion of public objects, is no grievance to a people whose prosperity is the work of a wise and considerative government.
  • The publicans of those days were the collectors of taxes for the Romans, and it was a constant complaint against them that they exacted more from the people than they had any right to do.
  • While the city of Watertown and some of its adjoining communities possessed of a sudden and unexpected wealth refunded a portion of their taxes for a year or two.
  • Furthermore, the taxes, for which the classes vote, are not to be looked upon as gifts, but are consented to for the best interests of those consenting.
  • The taxes for paying that proportion shall be laid and levied by the authority and direction of the legislatures of the several states within the time agreed upon by the united states in congress assembled.
  • The reason is, that they never borrow, without establishing taxes for the payment of the interest, and they never yet failed one day in that payment.
  • This commission was imposed by the legislature upon the city, and given absolute control to create debts for the purpose named, and to require the levy of taxes for their payment.
  • First, that he would forgive all debts and moneys that his people owed the crown, and second, that he would take no taxes for a whole year and a day.
  • You could have the first scene an Irishman catching a hen, and then paying the water-taxes for "dues," and then have the little boys for Hindoos.
  • It must be said, however, that as a class, the larger taxpayers have been more ready to vote higher taxes for schools than the poor and illiterate, whose morbid dread of taxation has been fostered by the politician.
  • I hope that they will be even the indirect means of increasing the revenues and income of the State, although the new Christians are to be free of all taxes for the next ten years.
  • This is of importance to the peasants for the management of the water, the embankments, the canals, etc., and to the officials on account of the taxes, for the higher the rise of the water, the higher the taxes.
  • They had property which they had inherited or accumulated, and they objected to paying taxes for educating other people's children.
  • The general taxes for the colony were estimated by a committee of the legislature, as well as the county's share of the colony tax.
  • The English credit is the first, because they never open a loan, without laying and appropriating taxes for the payment of the interest, and there has never been an instance of their failing one day, in that payment.
  • But if he owns at the same time a house in Boston, he pays taxes for it to Boston, and if he owns a block of shops in Chicago he pays taxes for the same to Chicago.
  • He admitted that there had been recent progress in North Carolina, owing largely to the work of McIver and Alderman, but taxes for educational purposes were still low.
  • The taxes for paying that proportion shall be laid and levied by the authority and direction of the Legislatures of the several States, within the time agreed upon by the United States, in Congress assembled.
  • We have already spoken of the want of power in congress to lay and collect taxes for war purposes.
  • In addition to these difficulties we found that avarice, that fatal enemy to the negro chiefs, made them overreach themselves by exhorbitant demands for taxes, for experience will not teach the negro who thinks only for the moment.
  • The advantage the peasants have in thus confiding to the merchant the whole of their goods, is, that the latter pays their taxes for them to the collector, which must be done either in ready money, or bills of exchange.
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