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  • It was the taxi which they were pursuing.
  • They climbed into the taxi and waited.
  • A taxi was waiting at the door.
  • Instead of a taxi a hansom drove up.
  • I got an idea from that taxi gent.
  • Joe opened the door of the taxi and they pushed her in.
  • Get a taxi at the depot and come right up to the office.
  • The taxi man professed an interest in nuts.
  • The taxi driver bowed his head over it in a close scrutiny.
  • Prale gave the signal, and the taxi stopped.
  • I took a taxi and drove about. ...
  • We took a taxi to Kensington.
  • The taxi turned toward Riverview.
  • I flew in the first taxi into which I could leap.
  • Penny, Mrs. Weems, and the taxi driver crept closer.
  • The taxi had stopped for a few minutes in front of this door.
  • The yellow taxi was continuing its patient and plucky little effort.
  • I figure that whole gang of taxi men are pretty sharp in the eye.
  • Arnold called a taxi and handed Ruth in before he told the man the address.
  • Mrs. Weems and the taxi driver followed with less enthusiasm.
  • When you said something about our wad I seen the taxi driver blink.
  • He walked a little way, then got into a taxi and drove to see Edith.

How To Use Taxi In A Sentence?

  • The taxi driver swallowed a smile that left a twinkle about his eyes which nothing could remove.
  • Nobody's taxi tooted so loud as his, not even the Honourable's door had shut with such a bang.
  • As I got into a taxi I considered how very seldom it is that the ruling passion ever dies.
  • Then Lyra and I went off in a taxi to the garage to inquire for the car, and found it just ready.
  • I had nearly got to the Circus when a taxi swung out of the Haymarket and I hailed the man.
  • About the only form of vice they will give you time to investigate will be what the taxi boy does to you.
  • I am taking into consideration the position of the taxi in the roadway and the angle at which the light would have to be thrown.
  • He sprang into the sole taxi that occupied the stand and commanded the driver to overtake the larger car.
  • This was our destination, and in a few minutes more we had climbed the hill and the taxi stood at rest before a side door.
  • As they got out of the little car they saw that the taxi driver had preceded them, carrying their suit cases.
  • With the exception of an occasional toot-toot from a taxi and the shrill whistle of a goods train, no other sounds are to be heard.
  • In the taxi he did not continue his negative arguments, and he was not restless, as he usually was when upon a keen scent.
  • Inside the taxi his lens went slowly over every inch of the upholstering, and with the blade of a penknife he scraped up some soil from the carpet.
  • Now you told us last time you were here that you left the taxi in front of Justin's.
  • For instance he could never wait even for a boy-messenger, but always sent his notes by taxi to wait for an answer.
  • I was still remonstrating with the police about the absurdity of my arrest when the taxi pulled up in front of Mittel-strasse station.
  • O'Malley had a taxi waiting and they slid off up the deserted regions of Broadway.
  • While the photographer waited impatiently for a connection, Penny asked him if he had seen a yellow taxi pass the tower.

Definition of Taxi

To move an aircraft on the ground under its own power. | A vehicle that may be hired for single journeys by members of the public, driven by a taxi driver. | (South Africa) A share taxi.
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