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  • That team has got to come back.
  • The Irish team has ever to be reckoned with.
  • "I suppose the Springdale team has disbanded," said Tom.

How To Use Team Has In A Sentence?

  • Sometimes the team which does not have the choice of subject has the choice of sides after the other team has picked the subject.
  • You see when the distance that the rescue team has to travel is long, the snake may not necessarily remain in the same spot till it gets there.
  • But as I was saying, our baseball team has to give theirs a handicap, but their football team can beat the daylights out of ours.
  • The Newton team has greatly improved since Brookline High forced it out of the Senior League, and will be able to give the Brooklinites a hard tussle should they meet again.
  • The writer's team has had many a meal of ptarmigan, rabbits, quail, and spruce hen, while to enumerate other articles, on which at times and in stress for proper food, his dogs have sustained life and strength for travel, would be to enumerate all the common human comestibles.
  • An inspection team has come up from Earth and we have two visiting dignitaries from Venus."
  • Typical of their attitude is a letter signed in Philadelphia last fall by some thirty graduates of a small college:-- 'The team has just closed the most disastrous season in its history....
  • Our team has been made up some time, but somebody is sure to have some other fixture for Saturday."
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