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  • Hold my team, will you!
  • That team will be bolting soon, Thorn.
  • With you there, every man on the team will play like a streak.
  • A strong team will come through at last, that is, if they are not too poor.
  • A 4-horse team will haul from 25 to 30 cubic feet of lime stone at each load.
  • Whose team will win?
  • That team will never face it, Courthorne."
  • "Maybe the team will try to jump them!"
  • "You want to watch out, the whole team will be down on you this time!"
  • or, _it is borne in on me that our team will win_

How To Use Team Will In A Sentence?

  • In the meantime he and the team will be with you and Johnson in this house-cleaning.
  • By to-morrow night Anderson and the new team will get in, and they, too, will help on this job.
  • Keep your logs above the level of that shoulder, and every hoss team will make a four-turn day of it.
  • But the Team is a failure if each member assumes that he, himself, is helpless and can do nothing, but that the Team will do it for him.
  • Here and there a man who takes pride in a team will carefully mate the best available couple and carefully rear their offspring, but for the most part breeding seems left to chance.
  • The E911 Implementation Team will form the on-going maintenance subcommittee prior to the initial implementation of the E911 system.
  • And all day the cook bleated his cheerful little prophecy in the ears of the cookee: "The tote team will be in by night.
  • Next Saturday the New Britain team will play the Hillhouse High-School eleven on the Yale Field at New Haven.
  • When used the winter through on the trail, and boarded the summer through at a fish camp, we estimate that it costs one hundred dollars per head per annum to feed a dog; so that the maintenance of a team of five dogs, which is the minimum practicable team, will cost five hundred dollars per annum for food alone.
  • The new team will do the trucking about and the regular farm work, while the other three are kept steadily at the ploughs and harrows."
  • Bud, ride back to camp and get the wagon out, and fill it with blankets and my medicine chest, and get back here as soon as your team will bring you."
  • "I'll say that the folks at the Point are so certain that their team will win that they're willing to offer any sort of inducement for a third game."
  • what can't borrow a team will come a-astin' fer to ride longside er me, an' I don' want nobody a-rumplin' me up, an' 'sides ole Miss
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