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  • It is tearing itself!
  • She was tearing open her own envelope.
  • I know not what vultures tearing his liver.
  • A pelting rain had set in, accompanied by a tearing wind.
  • Then, tearing off his coat, plunged into the lake.
  • A young man came tearing across the street at a great rate.
  • It's only a question of tearing men from their habits.
  • Another assault, and with a tearing of splinters it fell inside.
  • He flung himself at the door, tearing it half from its hinges.
  • I hurried off, tearing myself, at last, by force from Bertram.
  • Boys, shoot down those fellows who're tearing down the fences.
  • Young man, you'll have a hard time tearing apart that chain of evidence.

How To Use Tearing In A Sentence?

  • Rosalie said the lady had pulled the flower from her hair and was tearing it to pieces.
  • With that she was off across the corral at a tearing pace that made the watchers gasp.
  • Her fingers had been tearing at bits of paper all morning until her desk was strewn.
  • There are bonds which you have made sacred, and your fingers shrink from tearing them asunder.
  • My venerable friend jerked the upper sheet away at once and started tearing it into strips.
  • It was the plan of the new besiegers to bombard this gate, tearing it to pieces with shot.
  • With her stern low in the water, the lugger was now tearing along at a tremendous pace.
  • He tore at the imprisoned foot, ripping the moccasin and tearing at the road bed.
  • He was near tearing this letter up without reading it; but after a moment he opened the envelope.
  • He was quietly tearing open a half-burned cigarette, the tobacco inside of which was still moist.
  • She pulled a great bunch down and came away, tearing the leaves one by one from the stem.
  • Down came tearing a sentimental and not bad-looking specimen of a Virginny dame.
  • Before Jan had finished, the two puppies were tearing madly toward the monk and the other men.
  • To prevent the tearing of a raw surface in the bronchial tubes by the cough was as necessary as to apply splints to a broken bone.
  • A violent jerk on his right arm, and the simultaneous sound of tearing linen, recalled him to himself.
  • A moment later he was tearing open an official urgent telegram and writing a string of figures in pencil across the top.
  • He thought it better to stand aside, rather than attempt to stop this maddened fiend tearing through space.
  • They seemed surprised at seeing us, and after firing one volley wheeled their horses and went tearing back.
  • And then, tearing off a long piece of dried ti-tree bark from one of the trees, he thrust it into the fire.
  • Emily had begun to undress; and, tearing off her things, she hardly took more than five minutes to get into bed.
  • Nothing had altered within her, and yet a wonderful pity was glowing in her heart, tearing at her emotions, bringing a sob into her throat.
  • At this the lattice was burst open, and Zobeida, tearing aside her veil, displayed a countenance of wrath.
  • He could not tear himself away from his house, it was like tearing up the shrieking mandrake by the root, almost death itself. . . .
  • His machine seemed to almost leave the track, and then, tearing forward, passed the Frenchman, who was leading.
  • They are over the fence already, and tearing about the field so recklessly in the exuberance of their joy that they must certainly startle any game which may be there.
  • After five minutes of mauling and tearing Captain Scraggs was out of breath, so he let go and stood off a few feet to size up the situation.
  • He who had forced his way to the front with so much violence and haste now burst back again toward the train like a football forward tearing through the thick of his opponents.
  • Given the conditions indicated above, the tearing and splitting of rubber in coagulating tanks is sometimes augmented by the practice of flooding the tanks when coagulation is judged to be complete.

Definition of Tearing

(colloquial) enormous; of great size or impact | (colloquial) very hasty | present participle of tear
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