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  • It was a very tedious week.
  • It is to me a somewhat tedious tale.
  • By tedious absence crossed.
  • An account of that tedious journey.
  • Julia sat and sewed in that tedious afternoon.
  • It is a very simple if rather a tedious method.
  • The tedious talker is one without terminal facilities.
  • To Violet the meal was a tedious function that night.
  • I'm sorry; there's nothing so tedious to other people.
  • Oh to be sure: now for a tedious tale! CHAR.
  • It would be tedious to recount all the incidents of that fight.
  • It would be tedious to recount all that was said at that council of war.
  • Long and tedious has been the process of getting thought into a recorded form.
  • The more tedious way is the one we must follow if we would train the child.
  • There is, in fact, every prospect of a long and tedious campaign.
  • Hither the court comes each summer from the tedious glories of Babylon.
  • Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale, Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.
  • A tedious hour later the cab door opened abruptly, and Noreen reappeared.
  • Twere tedious to expect his coming forth: Along with me then to Glycerium!

How To Use Tedious In A Sentence?

  • To the hunters it seemed luxurious after their tedious fight against the swift river.
  • It is tedious and unprofitable to examine these and similar exercises of facile ingenuity.
  • It would be tedious to enumerate the beauties of this play, for it abounds with them.
  • Immediately after this tedious operation, its body is soft, but the crust soon hardens.
  • A stiff and tedious climb of nearly seven hours brought us to within a mile of the summit.
  • In due time the expedition returned, after a tedious and even dangerous trek, to Vryburg.
  • And now began a long and tedious journey with which I should hardly trouble the reader if I could.
  • For three tedious weeks Hooker heard no more of the book or of his curious friend, the Colonel.
  • Let my young years be spent in, And tedious old age after Will bring time to repent in!
  • To specify all the authorities which have been made use of in each case would be difficult and tedious in this place.
  • They have forgotten that it was by the most gradual and tedious process that the old telegraphic methods were evolved into the new.
  • To specify all the authorities which have been made use of in each case would be difficult and tedious in this place.
  • But the tedious passages are extraordinarily few, considering that the author had the passions of a preacher.
  • The transport train is exclusively employed in taking provisions to the front, and this is a very tedious process.
  • Every life has its years in which one progresses as on a tedious and dusty street of poplars, without caring to know where he is.
  • The final assault on the jong was a sight well worth remembering, coming as it did at the close of so tedious an action.
  • He considered Bruce not only tedious to the verge of imbecility, but unreliable beyond the pardonable point of inaccuracy.
  • A rather tedious day on board, but the occupation of watching the coast, which is very fine, varied the monotony of the voyage.
  • Some sounds of liquid melody found their way out through the heavy doors, and helped to make the tedious half hour pass like magic.
  • It was evident that we were in for a tedious journey and that our trek across Western Germany was to be agony long drawn out.
  • Of course to continue such a dialogue would have been tedious and unprofitable, and I let it go, and took the consequences.

Definition of Tedious

Boring, monotonous, time-consuming, wearisome.
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