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  • At that time the wide plains were bright with wild flowers and teeming with game.
  • But the hunters paid no heed to birds, when surrounded by such teeming myriads of big game.
  • David and Daddy John slept a dead sleep rolled in blankets on the teeming ground.
  • I'm teeming with a lot o' news, With many cheerful facts about the square of the hypotenuse.
  • This was the more easily done because her mind was teeming with impressions and pictures and scraps of dialogue.
  • His mind was teeming with new poems in the making and with visions of what he should do if his book should sell.
  • Nevertheless vast territories teeming with insect life have been as yet only very imperfectly explored.
  • Indulgent Ceres knew my worth, And to adorn the teeming earth, She bade the Poppy blow.
  • Again the golden dream was repeated, and again he saw his garden teeming with ingots and money-bags.
  • The thoughts of the young hostess were even now turning wholly to the future, her brain teeming with marvelous plans.
  • In a moment they were threading their way through a labyrinth of unkempt buildings, all of which concealed a teeming activity and laboring life.
  • Eyes and ears were alert, and their grimly set faces gave warning of the anxious thought teeming through their brains.
  • A teeming thought was speeding through a brain which, of late, seemed always to be working at high pressure.
  • In the teeming slums of the world's greatest city he lifted the standard of the Christ.
  • The quiet and the solitude gave a sense of distance from the teeming bazaars and tourist-ridden haunts, which breathed of seclusion and aloofness.
  • What somber, vengeful thoughts were teeming through his brain would be hard to tell, his mask-like face betrayed nothing.
  • Big buffaloes draw heavy carts laden with the teeming produce of the black, slimy, bountiful soil from the fields into the villages.
  • The teeming West, that of old needed only to be tickled with a hoe to laugh with a harvest, has disappeared.
  • Her haughty eye looks out upon this teeming sphere and acknowledges only as her peer the "ideal man," and no one as her superior.
  • As it fared across the teeming plains of Thessaly, it met only welcome from the inhabitants and submissions from fresh embassies.
  • Egypt, with her river, her teeming soil and her splendid climate, found life easy as long as she enjoyed an easy and capable administration.
  • From its base extends a broad alluvial plain, rich beyond description, teeming with palms and plantains, and umbrageous trees.
  • So they came at last to the wide, open veldt where Edwardstown was situated, and knew themselves in the district teeming with pioneer memories.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Teeming | Teeming Sentence

  • Burton found it teeming with interest.
  • The country was teeming with game.
  • It is warm and fluid, and it is teeming with living forms.
  • So canopied lay an untasted feast Teeming a perfume.
  • But ... What care I for teeming barns?
  • The Foss River Settlement is already teeming with life.
  • But that was all there was left to him of a populous and teeming world.
  • Such is the country in which a teeming population elects to live.
  • I passed hours teeming with strange emotions among hose cedars.
  • The place is a paradise to them, teeming with fish and frog food.
  • As has not she proved to be, and is still proving, in the most teeming way!
  • What sensational articles, he thought, must now be teeming to the newspapers!
  • Forgotten the thirty years, the seas that rolled between, the teeming city!
  • So O'Byrn rushed through the teeming hours.
  • Eastward and westward spreads the teeming Thrasian plain, richest in Attica.
  • What were the pangs of my teeming heart, what groans, O my God!
  • Couch'd in the teeming grass, I spy each pretty lass.

Definition of Teeming

Abundantly filled with especially living things. | Referring to large quantities of rain. | present participle of teem
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