Telegram In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Telegram | Telegram Sentence

  • Crumpled telegram in pocket.
  • Give my telegram to the press!
  • Does this telegram exist?
  • The telegram had not been opened.
  • The telegram puzzled him.
  • I was just writing out a telegram to you.
  • Bring me a telegram form.
  • Just then a telegram was brought up.
  • There was a telegram on the mantel.
  • This telegram itself is in code.
  • He laid the telegram before her.
  • The telegram is from father.
  • Then you can sign the telegram with your own.
  • A telegram had arrived.
  • His telegram had only summoned her.
  • Then comes this other telegram this morning.
  • This telegram disturbs me very much.
  • Pindar got a telegram this morning.
  • I had a telegram saying she was dead.
  • He sat down and perused the telegram once more.
  • A telegram came yesterday.
  • The other perused the telegram carefully.
  • He flourished the telegram joyously.
  • Crittenden pulled a telegram from his pocket.
  • He held a telegram in his hand.
  • She crushed up the telegram in her hand.
  • We expect a telegram from some friends.
  • Enclosed herewith is the telegram on which he was arrested.
  • A telegram thrust into my hand.
  • He found a telegram at his flat.
  • He had been expecting the telegram all day.
  • A telegram had preceded the letter.
  • I believe that telegram was dispatched.
  • So it was by telegram that the news had come.
  • That telegram was a disquieting one.

How To Use Telegram In A Sentence?

  • Instantly he passed the telegram to his master.
  • I got your telegram in the evening.
  • Let me read that telegram and be done with it.
  • He had brought the telegram to her sitting-room.
  • The contents of the telegram demanded his attention.

Definition of Telegram

To send a telegram. | A message transmitted by telegraph.
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