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  • The telegraphing promised nothing.
  • He was telegraphing telepathically to Grey.
  • That Cale could do nothing by telegraphing them.
  • During the early potato season telegraphing is very brisk with Jersey.
  • Only means of telegraphing is to American Consul at Hong Kong.
  • They keep 'phoning and telegraphing and upsetting things generally.

How To Use Telegraphing In A Sentence?

  • In returning there is not more telegraphing than there is requesting no decision.
  • Kenyon was on the point of telegraphing for half-speed ahead when he bethought him of the cable.
  • In my eighteenth year I submitted a theory of inter-stellar telegraphing to the Gymnotian Academy.
  • Many attempts at telegraphing with electricity were made by different people during the eighteenth century.
  • All the afternoon everybody was occupied in telegraphing the orders and reports of the day, and these actions are now beyond recall.
  • After telegraphing the strike order broadcast, the union men scattered to their respective posts to organize the walkout.
  • We are not to suppose that the Chappe method of telegraphing became extinct after its first successful work.
  • Since telegraphing you an hour since, the President directs you to sail at once with what force you have ready.
  • My trunks had missed connection somewhere on the journey, and I thought of telegraphing about the matter.
  • It costs twelve shillings, and parents and people are so tiresome, always telegraphing about nothing in particular, and costing a fortune.
  • Reluctantly von Riesser gave the order to cast off, at the same time telegraphing to the engine-room for half-speed ahead.
  • Thus have the eleven Legations spoken, each telegraphing a different tale to its government, and each more than annoyed by this joint action.
  • Madame Piedefer was telegraphing signals to her daughter, which Dinah presently observed and understood.
  • Chadron had been at Meander, telegraphing to the cattlemen's servants in Washington all the time.
  • She thought of Jeannette, who was always, in the absence of a telephone in the old manse, telegraphing her invitations and demands.
  • But beyond cleansing the wound and telegraphing by way of Denver to Aspen for skilled help, there was little he could do.
  • The good housekeeper instead of telegraphing for his food will insist on seeing his food himself, and will eat nothing that he does not first see before eating.
  • Messages were sent and received during a period when the cable to the island was out of commission, and thus telegraphing without wires was put to practical use.
  • Jasper knew of one and suspected the other before the accident, and he says it prevented him from telegraphing to stop me, for he was sure one or both the girls would want their mother.
  • Instead of telegraphing to his own post the intelligence of his return, and calling for a proper equipage to meet him at the railroad end, he had chosen to come back in this secret and unexpected way.
  • Tod seemed to take the news in his usual careless fashion, and kept privately telegraphing signs to the magpie, sitting now on the old tree-stump opposite.

Definition of Telegraphing

present participle of telegraph | A communication by telegraph.
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