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  • He looked at the television screen.
  • Halter saw his own face on their television screen.
  • The television played certain images over and over again.
  • The creation and broadcast of a television program was a magic act.
  • Outside the transparent cage, the television cameras would be watching.
  • Don Scott looked up from his adjustment of the television picture.
  • By the time Faye walked into the lounge, the television was off.
  • We don't call the stuff on television 'programming' for nothing.
  • Peu après, on peut aussi regarder la télévision sur l'écran de son ordinateur.
  • Darkness closed in upon the television screen in Colonel Halter's office.

How To Use Television In A Sentence?

  • Watching the film on television or renting it for a night is perfectly satisfactory.
  • There was a room off the tunnel with chairs and a desk and what looked like television screens.
  • If the system had included a miniature full-color television camera, he could have gone hog wild.
  • In very simple terms," he was saying, "this is a combination of color television and super-radar.
  • We blasted off in a rush of fire that must have knocked down some self-operating television cameras.
  • Garf turned his attention to the television set, which was still presenting its hysterical vaudeville.
  • Sally stood motionless, listening to the voices like a spectator sitting before a television screen.
  • Use your radio, television and newspapers to keep informed of current weather conditions and forecasts in your area.
  • In our living rooms in the middle sixties, black and white television went out and color television came in.
  • Likewise, a television program or commercial holds us in its spell as much through the magic of broadcasting technology as its script.
  • They were chagrined by the flow of viewers away from television programming, but they hoped this shift could be managed and ultimately exploited.
  • I looked for tell-tales, and found a television lens set above the door of the room eight feet outside of my steel barrier.
  • The people making television are not programming our TV sets or their evening schedules; they are programming us.
  • Audiences cannot easily be excluded from viewing television broadcasts, but advertisers can easily be excluded from placing their advertisements in those programs.
  • A black man being beaten by white cops in Los Angeles is captured on a home video camera and appears on television sets around the globe overnight.
  • The unusual name, Megabuck, had grown out of a joke Rick had conceived about a "million bucks" television quiz program.

Definition of Television

(neologism, informal) To watch television. | (uncountable) An electronic communication medium that allows the transmission of real-time visual images, and often sound. | (countable) A device for receiving television signals and displaying them in visual form.
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