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Definition of Temperatures

plural of temperature

How To Use Temperatures In A Sentence?

  • Minimum and maximum temperatures and other factors are also taken into consideration.
  • It combines at higher temperatures with carbon and phosphorus and alloys with many metals.
  • The fact becomes obvious with continued treatment at temperatures much above 100 deg.
  • A good many of the lying-downs are influenza, with high temperatures and no voice.
  • Hacquita is eight hundred and twenty feet above Novita, and their mean temperatures are the same.
  • The ordinary refrigerator is at a little above freezing and temperatures at or below zero are preferable.
  • I have to take all my staff's temperatures every morning and report to the doctors.
  • On no account should these media be sterilised in the autoclave, as temperatures above 100 deg.
  • It has thus been found that elements at extremely low temperatures largely lose their chemical activity.
  • Where could a person find temperatures lower than those in the celestial icebox that extended everywhere around him?
  • At ordinary temperatures they are not attacked by oxygen, but when strongly heated they burn with great brilliancy.
  • Two areas of sharply different temperatures in the atmosphere above us coming suddenly together make a storm.
  • Above this temperature the rhombic changes into monoclinic; at lower temperatures the monoclinic changes into rhombic.
  • The sun was setting and the cadet knew that soon the near-zero temperatures of night would settle over the desert.
  • Even at ordinary temperatures it gives off a beautiful violet vapor, which increases in amount as heat is applied.
  • Arctic explorers are but rarely troubled by them, even though they may be exposed to extremely low temperatures for months.
  • Cottontails were more active (as determined by trap success and frequency of observation) at temperatures between 0 deg.
  • That this effect is eventually produced even at optimal temperatures is evident from an examination of the wood-work within the upper room.
  • At elevated temperatures it combines with hydrogen, but the reaction is reversible and the compound formed is quite easily decomposed.
  • At higher temperatures it combines with magnesium, lithium, titanium, and a number of other elements.
  • It is a matter which is truly surprising, to see so great a diversity of temperatures and so great a diversity of men within so small a space.
  • The maximum and minimum temperatures at which growth takes place, as well as the optimum, are fairly constant for each bacterium.
  • Two weeks later, a cold spell with snow and temperatures of 22 degrees killed the new growth but did not injure the wood.
  • At nine in the morning in the month of June, the temperatures of the tree and of the air had come to an equilibrium.
  • Three of my sitting-up Indians have temperatures of 104, so you can imagine what the lying-downs are like.
  • And so he was at work on a new type, low pressure engine, for which his average temperatures would produce ample heat.
  • When cast into ingots from the liquid state it becomes at ordinary temperatures quite hard, brittle, and highly crystalline.
  • In late summer, temperatures of these rivers probably are maximal, their turbidities are reduced, and their sandy bottoms are stable.
  • Lead, tin, bismuth, and cadmium can be combined in such proportions as will enable the alloy to melt at temperatures from 140 deg.
  • The temperatures attainable with various fuels in the compound blowpipe are said to be: Acetylene with oxygen 7878 deg.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Temperatures | Temperatures Sentence

  • F. than at temperatures between 33 deg.
  • At still lower temperatures ice contracts.
  • C. and including temperatures between 5 deg.
  • F. Winter temperatures seldom go to -10 deg.
  • High temperatures in 1953 did not interfere with the harvest.
  • At ordinary temperatures oxygen is not very active chemically.
  • In some regions of the upper air temperatures as low as 80 deg.
  • One or two estates are known to work at temperatures of 130 deg.
  • Several of our members have high temperatures to-day; they have been isolated.
  • I've got five bad cases of measles, with high temperatures and throats.

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