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  • Again his tenacious hand was thrust out.
  • Instantly he began to sink in greasy and tenacious mud.
  • As has been said, she was of a specially tenacious nature.
  • He was ambitious, and extremely tenacious of ideas.
  • But habit with Pitt is a tenacious thing.
  • Cats are so tenacious of life that they are said to have nine lives.
  • But systems are tenacious of life in proportion as they are hoary with age.
  • The tenacious politician who wore the crown was not yet beaten.
  • Loose mould is made more tenacious by pouring water upon it.
  • He knew that here was a bold and tenacious spirit, kin to that of Grant.
  • It, however, coagulates very soon, and becomes as hard and tenacious as glue.
  • The fellow endeavoured to swing himself free of the other's tenacious grasp.

How To Use Tenacious In A Sentence?

  • Thereafter he was to trust the silent and tenacious general through everything.
  • Such belief is tremendously tenacious because it so largely creates its own evidence.
  • It reminded him of the silent but tenacious manner in which wolves followed a great deer.
  • They are tenacious of their belief, and cannot easily change their opinions to suit the hour.
  • She was tenacious by nature, and her jealous rage came back upon her in wild fits.
  • The tenacious depths of the quicksand, as is usual in such cases, retained its prey.
  • Again, there is the tenacious talker, who refuses to release you though you concede his arguments.
  • She found the tattered garments none too tenacious in their hold to the little, half-naked body.
  • On an appreciative eye and receptive mood it leaves a tenacious impression which will never be forgotten.
  • For the best part of an hour the men strove unavailingly to extricate the barge from the tenacious mud.
  • They know the tenacious character of the foe against whom they are pitted, and feel sure this is only the beginning.
  • But our admiration for the subtle and tenacious power of this corporation must not blind us to its essentially political character.
  • They are also extremely tenacious of their domains, and will suffer no other bird to inhabit the grove or its vicinity.
  • Field bought much land when it was of comparatively inconsequential value, and held on to it with a tenacious grip.
  • Moreover, he was very tenacious by nature, and had rarely been seriously opposed during his short life.
  • Bruce had a tenacious memory, and what had passed on that eventful night had been as it were branded on it, never to be erased.
  • The squire always objected to their using carriages of any kind, and is still a little tenacious on this point.
  • He seemed to have resolved not to attempt to take the coy fortress by storm, but induce it to surrender by tenacious persistence.
  • This time the highway presented no difficulty, and with renewed vigour the trio struggled through the tenacious slime beyond.
  • Although only seventeen he had a tenacious way of liking a girl; and Frankie had always appealed to him.
  • Doubtless the latter are to some extent intermarried with them, but the Yuchi are jealous of their name and tenacious of their position as a tribe.
  • When this power of adaptability has been reinforced by a tenacious national will "to see the thing through," men will stand hell itself.
  • The States, however, were tenacious in their opinion that their writs did not qualify them to appoint committees.
  • Samba above, it had a less tenacious grip and less ability to adapt itself; and first the tail, then the rest of its body had slid off.
  • The slushy mire of the savannahs rendered marching a work of great difficulty; its tenacious hold of the feet told terribly on men and animals.
  • It is true that Box does not always flourish in the precise shape you wish, but it has nevertheless a wonderfully tenacious hold on life.
  • The surface is rough, the flesh thick, viscid above, soft when young, when old tough, covered with tenacious fibres.
  • I saw that he was still undecided about saying whatever he might have to say, and tenacious of sustaining his professional reputation as a clairvoyant.

Definition of Tenacious

Clinging to an object or surface; adhesive. | Unwilling to yield or give up; dogged. | Holding together; cohesive.
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