Tenacity in a sentence

Definition of Tenacity

The quality or state of being tenacious, or persistence of purpose; tenaciousness. | The quality of bodies which keeps them from parting without considerable force, as distinguished from brittleness, fragility, mobility, etc. | The effect of this attraction, cohesiveness.

How to use Tenacity in a Sentence?

  • We cannot but admire his tenacity of purpose in the face of the most disheartening failures.
  • The above will serve to show the tenacity which is required for an operation of this kind.
  • His hosts and patrons honored his thirst for knowledge and tenacity of purpose.
  • You feel compassion for the tenacity of affection which clings around its object even in ruin.
  • And apropos of him, let us note a curious instance of the tenacity of associated ideas.
  • No battle has been contested with more valour or tenacity than the battle of Malplaquet.
  • The whole Report is indeed a marvellous illustration of the tenacity of old prejudices.
  • His heart sank a little, too, when he remembered the tenacity of the Indians in pursuit.
  • Such is the tenacity of my imagination that the image which was formed in it continued in all its power and freshness.
  • The viceroy fought with all the tenacity of the fanatic for the retention of the privileges of his class.
  • Association with both our allies in the western theatre has only deepened our admiration of their resolute tenacity and fighting qualities.
  • It is a pity that this family of noble metals is so restricted, for they are unsurpassed in tenacity and incorruptibility.
  • His hands were white with the tenacity of their grip on each other, and his whole figure quivered under the influence of his emotion.
  • He pursued it with superhuman tenacity and with all the resources of his fastidious mind, enslaved by the laws of mechanics.
  • Perhaps a proud determination to justify his former opinions lay less at the bottom of this obstinate tenacity than an unconscious stratagem.
  • The policeman stuck to him with extraordinary tenacity; with equal tenacity the crowd endeavoured to drag him away.
  • All night long the warring elements raged about the remaining castaways, who clung with the tenacity of despair to the wreck.
  • The child, pleased with his touch, smiled and clutched his finger, holding it with the tenacity of a monkey.
  • With the matchless tenacity which characterises their race they clung to their tribal God and their temporal and local millennium.
  • A little practice is necessary to ensure success, but a good operator can produce threads of great tenacity and great uniformity.
  • But he was endowed with great patience and tenacity and he clung to his shelter, relying rather upon ear than eye to note the approach of an enemy.
  • He knew it would be useless, his father, when he made up his mind, having all the unbending tenacity of the normally easygoing man.
  • By sheer valour and tenacity he had fought his way to the front, and the son of the obscure renegado of Mitylene died a king.
  • It would have puzzled you to find a more dilapidated house in Angouleme; nothing but sheer tenacity of mortar kept it together.
  • But he has not the tenacity of conviction which goes with the fighting spirit in a man like Bernard Shaw.
  • And so Jacoba, with the tenacity of her race, has cherished that first love of hers, and steadily refused all others in its place.
  • The siege that followed won a reputation beyond the warrant of its real importance from the extraordinary tenacity and energy of the people in their own defence.
  • As it was, the Americans, by luck and by the tenacity of Washington and a few other leaders, had won the first victory.
  • Gradually the English Tommy influenced us until we gained much of his steadiness of purpose, his bulldog tenacity and his insouciance.
  • I know not from which of the tribes and temperaments that went to the composition of the people this tenacity was supplied, but they clinch every nail they drive.
  • When a city or a nation has but one military memory, it clings to it with all the affectionate tenacity of an old maid for her solitary poodle or parrot.
  • In tenacity of purpose, in obstinacy, and in indifference to the misery arising from their orders, it is possible they were more alike than the world has supposed.
  • The dead lay in heaps along their front, but as the darkness settled down on the unfinished battle they meant to fight with equal valor and tenacity on the morrow.
  • Groups thus endowed with a sense of solidarity and sensitiveness become highly vitalized and persistent personalities which stalk through the pages of history with tremendous power and tenacity of purpose.

Short Example Sentence for Tenacity

  • Her tenacity of purpose was appalling.
  • Homer refers to its tenacity of grip in a simile.
  • It was only inborn courage and tenacity that saved them now.
  • Walter's tenacity of purpose was remarkable.
  • His vanity cried out to him with desperate tenacity that he must do something.
  • One of the mulberry's chief characteristics is its tenacity to life.

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