Tenderly In A Sentence

How To Use Tenderly In A Sentence?

  • Juanita began to come to herself and she was tenderly carried away by the women.
  • His good old mother tenderly took him by the hand and called him by his proper name.
  • The king took the hand of his earliest friend, and pressed it tenderly to his heart.
  • The expression of both figures is perfect, and they are most sweetly, tenderly painted.
  • When death at last terminated her protracted distress, he mourned her tenderly and long.
  • Do I not know well how tenderly people deal with the vices that are not their own?
  • Then she tenderly chafed the small hands and the delicate throat and Rhoda opened her eyes.
  • Mrs. Wainwright tenderly supported his left elbow and cast a tragic glance round.
  • And, beaming tenderly with looks of love, Climb not the everlasting stars on high?
  • Then she pleaded, "Careful, careful," to Elizabeth, who was tenderly unwrapping her.
  • None is more tenderly mournful than that of Sarah Curran, the beloved of Robert Emmet.
  • The same change has been observed in a bird which lost its mate to whom it had been tenderly attached.
  • She felt for their fatigues or privations in marching, was tenderly solicitous later on for the wounded.
  • And how tenderly must she use her mate under the breeding qualms and labour-pains which she hath felt her self?
  • In summer they hang their patterned curtains tenderly about him, in a silence made vocal only by a teasing gale.
  • The fainting girl was tenderly placed in her bed, and all the care that loving hearts could bestow was lavished on her.
  • Her dead mother could hardly have cared for her more tenderly than does the hard-hearted washerwoman, not long ago so fierce and unwomanly.
  • Ambulances were summoned, a guard was thrown about the building, and the work of aiding the injured and tenderly carrying out the dead was begun.
  • The story that follows is infinitely varied, intensely dramatic, delicately beautiful, and tenderly pathetic.
  • He falls into raptures over the petals of the rose, and his eye brightens tenderly over the June fly.
  • Then he took the Girl very quietly and tenderly in his arms again, and gazed down into her eyes with a look that was new to him.
  • They tenderly lifted Toad into the motor-car and propped him up with soft cushions, and proceeded on their way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tenderly | Tenderly Sentence

  • They gaze tenderly at the infant.
  • He held her tenderly and spoke her name over and over.
  • His mother was exquisitely and tenderly absurd.
  • Her husband folded her tenderly in his arms in silence.
  • I will do it as surely, but more tenderly than another.
  • I struggled and rose stiffly, assisted tenderly by her.
  • He lifted his bow, tenderly placing it on the strings.
  • He tenderly folded up the letter and replaced it in the envelope.
  • Charley rushed in and tenderly lifted his motionless pup from the ground.
  • The lank individual picked this up tenderly and set it to one side.
  • Did you ever feel softer air or see a more tenderly saffron sky?
  • Dayman must have been a warm-hearted, tenderly affectionate person.
  • He put his arm round her waist, and drew her tenderly towards him.
  • Kate bent down and tenderly kissed the beautiful head of fair, wavy hair.
  • He tenderly pressed her to him, and kissed her forehead, cheeks, and lips.
  • And all this exactly in my own way, with people whom I tenderly loved.
  • Let the veil lie drawn tenderly over the poor father's sorrow.
  • The attendants turned him tenderly over--when, alas!

Definition of Tenderly

In a tender manner; gently; sweetly.
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