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  • The tension was relaxed.
  • The tension between the two was relaxed.
  • The tension demanded relief.
  • We were all at high tension last night.
  • Under the tension the supple steel bent almost double.
  • Dr. Kalmar felt his tension ease.
  • Jack was talking rapidly, as if to relieve the tension of the situation.
  • Lew increased the tension on the line and the fish stopped short of the rock.
  • Jean in the loge gave a sigh of relaxed tension and looked around her.
  • A ripple of laughter greeted this sally, and Joan's tension relaxed.

How To Use Tension In A Sentence?

  • Serviss rose to release the emotional tension under which he had kept his limbs.
  • There was tension and there were wars and the people lost faith in those who governed them.
  • It was completely suppressed but it left an abnormal tension in the central system.
  • The remedy for this common fault of vocal tension is to relax all the muscles used in speech.
  • The wound was slight and did not hurt her, but it was enough to increase the extreme tension of her nerves.
  • The excited commentator explained the state of tension in the world and made the situation sound hopeless.
  • His sturdy knees were pressing the skirts of the saddle with a firmness that left no room for doubt as to the tension his nerves were under.
  • The tension of the motor ride against time strung him to the highest possible pitch and he had not quite recovered from his wounds.
  • They express the pressure or tension in millimeters of mercury, just as the atmospheric pressure is expressed in millimeters of mercury.
  • As it advanced there was a tightening of the tension and at the welcome "amen" there was a grand rake-off.
  • In the direct flexion of the jaw, ought we to give a tension to the curb-reins and those of the snaffle at the same time?
  • A spring forms a branch path from the line and has a tension which would cause it to bear against the ground contact if it were allowed to do so.
  • But he produces that sound by alteration of tension in co-ordinated groups of muscles necessary for vocalisation, viz.
  • His uncertainty was ended, the tension relaxed; he stood face to face with the event and measured it.
  • I must do it myself," then fell silent, her face stony in its tension of thought.
  • Pathema turned to leave the arena, but the tension and turmoil and reaction were now telling fast upon her fragile frame.
  • He bit his lip and looked angry, but she was already laughing the moment's tension aside.
  • The strain and tension of the day gave way, and the high hopes of the night before went out as at the snuffing of a candle.
  • The tension of a long day of this work was drawing to a close when the sun set and left the big wash in the shadow of the mountains.
  • During the week of tension which ended with war, he bore himself with tact and firmness characteristic of the highest diplomatic traditions.
  • The movement being regularly accomplished, the horse will be made to resume his natural position by a slight tension of the left rein.
  • The primary cause is to be traced to over-dilution of latex, giving a very soft coagulum which responds too readily to tension and pressure.
  • As a series of plot developments bring that character into some kind of danger, we follow him and within us a sense of tension arises.
  • What fear for his own safety and all the horrors he had gone through had no power to do, the relaxation of this tension of anxiety about Bob did.
  • Despite the tension with which the following pause was instinct, it was Andrew, not she, who first spoke.
  • My nerves were in high tension at the moment, and in those days I could have dreams without going to sleep.
  • I only hoped that whatever was to befal me might soon be over, for the tension of nerve was growing more than I could bear.
  • Gradually the rigor and tension of that wonderful face relaxed, the color returned, the pulse beat, the heart animated the frame.
  • What the tension must have been if this sort of thing had been going on sight after night, I shuddered even to think of.
  • He made a motion to rise, but reconsidered it as he noted the tension of Pringle's trigger finger.

Definition of Tension

To place an object in tension, to pull or place strain on. | Condition of being held in a state between two or more forces, which are acting in opposition to each other | Psychological state of being tense.
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