Tenth In A Sentence

How To Use Tenth In A Sentence?

  • At the tenth intermission he suggested soda-water again, after which they returned to their seats.
  • This he must do by arranging the thirty men in a circle, and counting out every tenth man.
  • I tried twice or thrice, but could only squash a tenth of the juice of the fruit into my mouth.
  • But the Academy (the tenth old woman) was not so conscientious as the other nine.
  • In the tenth century, a reigning monarch sent his sons to India for religious education.
  • Eight hundred and tenth day, gave his own name for first time in answer to a question (165).
  • End of one hundred and tenth week to one hundred and twelfth week, right 124, wrong 36.
  • The letter J, the tenth letter of the alphabet, shows that this is the tenth sheet.
  • I went out there on the tenth of September, which I recollect as a very hot day.
  • He lives to build, not boast a generous race: No tenth transmitter of a foolish face.
  • Nearly a year later the Italian De Gasparis found the tenth member of the system, that is, Hygeia.
  • If he has a right to twenty he will receive water for three and three-quarter hours of the day or night every tenth day.
  • It does this, too, at an expense to the community of not more than one tenth of the cost per capita of school education.
  • The end of the ninth century and the beginning of the tenth were remarkable for the invasions of the Northmen.
  • It was but for a moment, nay, for the tenth part of a moment, that this sight was permitted to the wanderer.
  • Maybe you can nine times, but there's a tenth when things don't work the way you've expected.
  • It was a good supper, and, in the highest of spirits, nine of the guerrillas sat down; the tenth was on guard.
  • It was one tenth hard eggs and nine tenths that beverage which bears the name of an old royal house of France.
  • But although Winnipeg has shrunken to a tenth of its original size, its rivers still remain worthy of the great basin into which they once flowed.
  • There was a lovely rug which Mrs. Knox had sent her on the tenth anniversary of her association with the office.
  • Irregular movements of eyes appear (though rare) up to tenth week; at three months are no more observed (37).
  • He was an energetic and dashing officer who fell near me in an attempt to break out of Danville prison on the tenth of the following December.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tenth | Tenth Sentence

  • One tenth another to nine tenths me?
  • By some this poem is placed in the tenth century.
  • My tenth is in vessel, but not in boat.
  • No, nor a tenth part as good.
  • The tenth spot is left vacant for the first move.
  • Over tenth column, middle division.
  • Over tenth column, lower division.
  • This fighting was on the evening of the tenth of May.
  • One hundred and tenth week, right 73, wrong 22.
  • In the tenth month there was an understanding of some questions.
  • Nippers had been a professional stowaway since his tenth year.
  • The tenth day had witnessed the flight of the last of the servants.
  • So he did to all, up to the tenth man, and they were all healed.
  • It is a tenth of an inch long, and is straw-yellow, striped with red.
  • On the tenth day Lousteau received a letter with the Sancerre post-mark.
  • On the tenth the French had Augsburg, and on the twelfth, Munich.
  • A Psalter, of the Gallican Version, on vellum, 160 folios, tenth century.

Definition of Tenth

The ordinal numeral form of ten; next in order after that which is ninth. | Being one of ten equal parts of a whole. | To divide by ten, into tenths.
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