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Alternative form of teepee

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  • Oachi and her father were with him a great deal in the tepee which they had given up to him.
  • They had no sooner sat up than the dogs had rushed into the tepee followed by an enormous wolf.
  • And then he saw that the rocks behind the tepee had become suddenly alive with men!
  • Jacques followed her into the tepee and, after a careful examination, removed the unconscious man.
  • The old hunter pointed to a clump fifty yards beyond the tepee toward the little lake.
  • There the hunters were greeted by an Indian who was living in the tepee with his wife and baby.
  • The paleface rears his tepee on the shore And says the vale is fairest of the fair.
  • Where the red deer came to drink, Lived old Chaska and his daughter Nopa, in their tepee small.
  • Paint on each tepee in black some symbol apparently mysterious but in reality characteristic of the owner.
  • She ceased speaking abruptly at a sound from the tepee as the girl emerged and stepped quickly to the fire.
  • The earth floor of the tepee was covered with deer and caribou skins, and opposite him there was another bunk.
  • There it was no uncommon sight to see a gaudy limousine parked outside a tepee and a grand piano on the ground inside.
  • He and a companion were camped in a little tepee or wigwam, with a bright fire in front of it, lighting up the night.
  • There is no more comfortable habitation than the Sioux tepee to be found among the dwellers in tents anywhere.
  • He remembered, before turning in, that they lacked water, and returned to the tepee to ask where it was to be procured.
  • Immediately after dinner the men began cutting lodge poles, while the women cleared the tepee sites and levelled the ground.
  • He secured the knife, and behind the tepee he passed the third body, its face as still and white as the others.
  • Another fire can be built by placing three medium sized sticks in the shape of an Indian tepee or wigwam.
  • Before Aldous could follow his advantage the other had dropped his knife and had snatched up a four-foot length of a tepee pole.
  • Each tepee was to furnish these two men a bit of food to keep them alive on their terrible hazard, and the woman brought forth the half of a fish.
  • He rose to his feet, and stood balancing himself feebly when the door to the tepee was drawn back and Oachi entered.
  • MacDonald had camped before in the basin, and there were tepee poles ready cut, as light and dry as matchwood.
  • A tepee will hold from twelve to fifteen or even twenty individuals; several families, therefore, generally occupy one in common.
  • Presently Bending Willow returned to her tepee which stood on a point of high ground overlooking the river.
  • Lodge or tepee of Blackfoot Indians, Manitoba 387 37.
  • The fire grew redder, and the cone-shaped vacancy at the top of the tepee grew duskier, so Roscoe knew that night was falling outside.
  • It came from beyond the tepee, and he rose quickly from where he had thrown himself and ran forward, with the tepee between him and those on the other side.
  • It was two hundred yards below where they were standing; and a hundred yards beyond the tepee he saw where it came out of a great rent in the mountain.
  • The three breed boys dived into the principal tepee without ceremony, leaving Garth and Natalie standing rather foolishly outside.
  • Then the disease wore itself out, and Jeanne Lacombie, entering the tepee one morning, encountered the steady gaze of the sunken eyes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tepee | Tepee Sentence

  • A special tepee was built for him.
  • Beyond the tepee a man had risen from the earth.
  • Afterward two figures approached the tepee and entered.
  • Joanne's tepee was close to the cabin.
  • The tepee was filled with light, and for the first time he looked about him.
  • At the bottom of it we could see a tepee and a tent; but no people.
  • His furs had turned to dancing leaves; his tepee to a tall tree.
  • This time he came back into the tepee a long man, with many green sticks.
  • The next day Roscoe was able to move about in his tepee without pain.
  • She limped to the tepee with John's arm snugly about her slim waist.

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