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  • This deciduous stage of the ichneumon may accordingly be termed the prelarval stage.
  • An unlimited autocracy is gradually becoming what might now be termed a constitutional democracy.
  • Such equipments for handling long-distance or toll traffic are commonly termed toll switchboards.
  • Horse-racing has not inappropriately been termed the national pastime of Ireland.
  • The plundering was so thoroughly done that it was poetically termed "going through" a captive!
  • Such a generator is termed a "direct-current" generator or a "pulsating-current" generator.
  • A propeller of this sort is termed a "tractor," and figures to-day in many models of aircraft.
  • The degree in which any current is opposed by inductance is termed the reactance of that inductance.
  • So far from man being the creature of circumstances he should rather be termed the architect of circumstances.
  • And the essence of the not-beautiful is to be separated from and opposed to a certain kind of existence which is termed beautiful.
  • Below this primary cooler is fixed a cooler of the same size and shape, which is termed a secondary cooler.
  • It is erroneously termed a dragon by some writers, though perhaps they may both be classed together.
  • These have been well termed the three great physicians, whose prescriptions are painless and cost nothing.
  • And is not that part of exchange which takes place in the city, being about half of the whole, termed retailing?
  • Such instruments are commonly termed hotel sets, because of the fact that their use was first confined largely to the rooms in hotels.
  • Our patriarch host had been a captain in the rebel army until he had his "belly full of fight," as he quaintly termed it.
  • But Mariamne was the gayest of the gay, on what she termed my "fortunate ill-fortune.
  • The holding back of these flood waters in the upper part of the rivers, and so preventing these overflows, is termed storage of waters.
  • My aunt was a lady of large frame, strong mind, and great resolution; she was what might be termed a very manly woman.
  • Captain Roelof Bicker's Company, painted in 1639, has been termed Van der Helst's masterpiece.
  • The period of most astonishing expansion has been that which, as in Manchester, may be termed the strictly modern one.
  • It soon degenerated into "earthly loves" and "cupids," or amorini as they were termed and as we now understand them.
  • There can be no exact measure of value (of what has been wrongly termed exchange value), nor of use value, in terms of production.
  • With one last quotation I cease to draw upon what may be termed outside contributions, and it is one which gratified me at the time.
  • Under ordinary conditions, thin crepe rubber, as it leaves the finishing machines, has what may be termed "deckled" edges.
  • The untaught ability of correct appreciation of variations in the pitch of notes and the memorising and producing of the same vocally are termed a musical ear.
  • This sentiment is properly termed a doctrine, as it has no prescribed sanction and its assertion is left to the exigency which may invoke it.
  • It was very true that the horrid black, as Irene termed it, was for some reason much more becoming to June than to herself.
  • The Boulevards may be termed the Regent Street of Paris, or a New Yorker would call them Broadway.
  • Psychology is sometimes understood to mean the results of casual observation of our own minds by what is termed introspection, and by the interpretation of what we may observe in others.
  • The valor which has not prudence for its basis is termed rashness, and the successful exploits of the rash are rather to be ascribed to good fortune than to courage.
  • The supper, as it was termed by the Italian, or dinner, as the Englishman called it, was now served.
  • What is termed necessary evolution seems to be only the order in which a succession of ideas presented themselves to the mind of Hegel at a particular time.

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  • Such blooming is termed protogynous.
  • Such blooming is termed protandrous by botanists.
  • These may be termed single-contact transmitters.
  • A dragon or wyvern sans wings is termed a lindworm.
  • It was anything but what is termed an intellectual discourse.
  • The assertion was met with silence such as might be termed marked.
  • Both are seen in man, and constitute what may be termed the Spirit of Man.

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simple past tense and past participle of term
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