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Definition of Terminations

plural of termination

How To Use Terminations In A Sentence?

  • These irreverent sounding terminations do not by any means imply that the cities so called are steeped in wickedness and crime.
  • Perspiration is performed by the terminations of minute arteries in every part of the skin, which exude the perspiration from the blood.
  • The following are the grammatical terminations of all verbs, from which it will be seen that there are only three tenses (see pars.
  • Hitherto, declared the eulogist, only four terminations of a novel have been known to the most enthusiastic and untiring student of fiction.
  • Sharp lines and abrupt terminations impose a strain under which many plates split, therefore such features ought to be avoided.
  • Grammatical terminations and suffixes may be added to the correlatives if required, thus making them nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc.
  • Thus with regard to the terminations of the nominative and the oblique cases, where other MSS.
  • Two of them wear the blackest and shiniest and thickest of sealskin vestments all over their bodies except the lower half of their faces and the terminations of their paws.
  • But the terminations of the stanzas rendered the thing transparent to the audience during the delivery, as was quite manifest from the general movement of their risibles.
  • The court unites the two widely different terminations in a fashion more or less approaching symmetry, but it is only as a whole that the effect is highly pleasing.
  • Though his language was clumsy in writing, it flowed from his lips solemn and sonorous, with full terminations and rich in alternations of the vowels.
  • Where abrupt terminations are quite unavoidable the design should, if possible, be so arranged as to evade the super-position of colour over these parts.
  • A number of the local names of these provinces given by Fontanedo (1559) have terminations similar to many of the Timuquanan local names.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Terminations | Terminations Sentence

  • The terminations of their edifices were also horizontal.
  • These terminations are English suffixes for adjectives.
  • The feminine terminations are -egor, -gurk or -jarr.
  • Learn, in the following order, Grammatical Terminations (par.
  • The EXHALANTS were supposed to be terminations of arteries or capillaries.

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