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  • Terpsichore wheeled on him.
  • Hearing them, Terpsichore turned.
  • He even began to visit Terpsichore.
  • He made a single allusion to the Terpsichore episode.
  • Terpsichore was there, and Keith, who danced with her.
  • H.G. and Terpsichore.
  • Terpsichore.
  • Terpsichore was out on the street when the rumor of the accident reached her.
  • Mammon, not Terpsichore, is the genius to whom worship is paid.
  • Keith said to Terpsichore, with some annoyance: "You had better go inside.

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  • Keith always treated Terpsichore with all the politeness he would have shown to any lady.
  • Though he did not know it, Terpsichore had in her heart a feeling of hate which was relentless.
  • Terpsichore ruled with unlimited sway, While, moment by moment, the night wore away.
  • The opening of this Temple de Terpsichore was the great event of the year (1772).
  • As Keith had left the house, Terpsichore had come out of the side entrance, and they had met.
  • Not set up like an Infant Terpsichore, but seriously inclined, with perfect steps in perfect time.
  • Euterpe has dispensed with the aid of Terpsichore; the ballet has fled from the boards of our lyric theatres.
  • Toward morning the scene became hilarious, and a call was made for Terpsichore to give a Spanish dance.
  • It is probable, however, that I am not sufficiently educated in the art of Terpsichore to appreciate them.
  • Terpsichore suggested that Mr. Plume had had something to do with it, and that he could give information on the subject if he would.
  • In fact, Miss Terpsichore was not of that class that forget either friends or foes; whatever she was she was frankly and outspokenly.
  • Keith did not associate her at all with Terpsichore, but he was surprised that old Tim Gilsey should not have known of her presence in town.
  • Mr. Jefferson was never happier than when Monticello was thronged with gay dancers, nor was he an indifferent votary of Terpsichore himself.
  • Terpsichore was not attired for such an emergency; when she went on the streets, she still wore some of her old finery, though it was growing less and less of late.
  • He knew that in some way it was connected with his attention to Terpsichore; he knew that there was a misunderstanding, and felt that Wickersham was somehow connected with it.
  • Passionately fond of dancing, they tax the endurance of the gentlemen in their worship of Terpsichore, stimulated by those Cuban airs which are at once so sweet and so brilliant.
  • Afterwards came a few of the Muses, Thalia, Melpomene, and Terpsichore, famous for a charade or a proverb.
  • The dancers then began to flag; one by one they dropped off; at last only Florence and a few other devoted adorers of Terpsichore tripped it on the light fantastic toe.
  • Terpsichore appeared suddenly to have a good deal of business over in Eden, and had been on the stage several times of late when Keith was driving it, and almost always took the box-seat.
  • Terpsichore had, immediately after Keith's accident, closed her establishment and devoted herself to his care.
  • This Wickersham, well sobered by the handling he had received, was willing to do, and he was made to walk up and offer a humble apology to Terpsichore, who accepted it with but indifferent grace.
  • Though the time is gone, when the dress of any opera-dancer may be expected to reach below the knee, yet the drapery of a Limanese Terpsichore appears to have attained even an ultra degree of curtailment.
  • Is not that Terpsichore, well or ill named, with a harp a little too strong, it is said, as if the Muse had no particular gift, in her modest attitude the symbol of becoming grace?
  • And unheeding Lois's little sniff, he told the whole story of Terpsichore, and the brave part she had played.
  • He was very ill for a time, and but for the ministrations of Dr. Balsam, who came up from Ridgely to look after him, and the care of a devoted nurse in the person of Terpsichore, this history might have ended then.
  • Edith, it was dear of you to offer to take my place, but I wouldn't give it up to Terpsichore herself or even Salome.
  • Quicker and quicker he, Steps; Miss TERPSICHORE Scarce could show prettier paces.
  • Terpsichore was in a passion of rage because the men had not jumped out instantly to Keith's rescue, and one of them had held her in the stage and prevented her from poking her head out to see the fight.
  • Terpsichore, tired of the "trot," And letting the waltz go to pot, In the glorious Jazz Most undoubtedly has Discovered the pick of the lot.
  • They will follow the lead of Byron, who, in his horror at the popularisation of the waltz, declared that Terpsichore was henceforth "the least a vestal virgin of the Nine.
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