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  • Yet the dwellers in the terraces tolerate that.
  • Some of these terraces could have been formed from other causes.
  • These great terraces sloping to the north were not before understood.
  • The garden of the old inn runs down with terraces to the water.
  • The rock-walls in the valleys are laid out in terraces and covered with vines.
  • There were terraces rising, one above the other, supported by stone walls.
  • Together, the north, east and south terraces measure some two thousand feet.

How To Use Terraces In A Sentence?

  • The terraces have been obliterated and the guns dismounted and buried in the debris.
  • The terraces are approached by wide steps that are treated in a stately and impressive manner.
  • Behind and beyond the belt of pines he could see the whole country banked in terraces of flame.
  • Higher on the mountain-side was the Forum with its terraces and long colonnades.
  • Our two glad souls are they, That pastime take, and stray Along the terraces and woodland grass?
  • Four terraces are there, of marble bright: There Count Rolland lies senseless on the grass.
  • Caroline could see figures here and there strolling on the upper terraces and sitting on the piazzas.
  • The walls upon which these inclined planes and terraces were constructed are still to be traced in places.
  • As these roofs or terraces are connected with steps, one can walk a very considerable way over them.
  • In a mosquitoless country this habit of walking up and down the long stone terraces was a common practice after dinner.
  • She asked the cook for a few sandwiches and going to one of the lower terraces she found a seat there and sat down.
  • The terraces overlook wide meadow lands through which the river winds until it is lost in the hazy distance.
  • It is at some time during this period that houses are first built in terraces and squares on an identical plan for letting purposes.
  • Wherever he went were the terraces and almond trees; and lonely little farms were perched high up on the slopes.
  • Around or near the house will be the ordered garden with terraces and architectural accessories, all trim and fit and nice.
  • These terraces were divided into twenty-eight compartments, forming nine distinct varieties of gardens.
  • Suppose she were like the misers she had read of in books, who lived in the gutter, and owned terraces of houses?
  • Kite-flying is popular, and in early spring hundreds of kites may be seen flying from the terraces over the house-tops.
  • Many of them have balconies or verandahs, and also terraces on the roof, where the inmates can sit and enjoy the surrounding view.
  • They stood on a white road, on one side a stretch of limestone down, on the other steep terraces with gardens and vineyard.
  • The gray terraces in the distance look like leaping waters, rushing onward to the ocean, to kiss the breakers.
  • Plate 2 contains a restored plan; plate 3 a view in perspective of the three highest terraces and of the hill which forms their support.
  • There are little terraces everywhere, banked up with stone walls built into the steep ground, where stonecrops grow richly.
  • They come here of summer evenings, and sit out in the little arbours, or walk along the terraces and watch the boats drift with the stream.
  • It was a large, upholstered house, with long white terraces shaded by vines, from which one could see the sea.
  • As I approached what was my surprise to see descending its terraces the same man who had accosted me near Magliana.
  • The width of these terraces will be determined by the time the water has stood at that level and the extent and nature of the soil from which the debris comes.
  • When I had had enough of the speeches and the bad atmosphere, I used to wander about the terraces and gardens.
  • Thus from the gardens and terraces you look down fifteen feet over a wall to the road, and from the road you look down fifteen feet over a wall to the water.
  • Nobody was allowed to speak to her, or to interfere with her walks in the large garden, or on the white terraces that were reflected in the blue water.
  • There are successions of terraces and tanks of water with ducks and geese upon them, and buildings round the topmost terrace intended to be imposing.
  • How many in our Circuses and Terraces and Places will even trouble themselves to so much as vote for the deliverance of their fellow-citizens?
  • The walls had two or three terraces and were not over three quarters of a mile apart at the summit, the cliff portions being nearly or quite perpendicular.

Definition of Terraces

plural of terrace
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