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  • It was a terrible sensation.
  • He was putting a terrible restraint upon himself.
  • The terrible surf proved the more formidable enemy.
  • I have made a terrible Digression.
  • It was a terrible two days that I had here.
  • A beautiful, rather terrible thing....
  • Ah, Parmeno, They hide some terrible misfortune from me!
  • Who's to be made this terrible example?
  • It is terrible for her," he answered.
  • I have often met with such men, and terrible fellows they are.
  • The figure slowly raised his iron fist and shook it with a terrible menace.
  • They were the morbid feverish fancies of an exceptional, of a terrible night.
  • Eh, sirs, 'twas a terrible time!
  • His frame shook with the strong, terrible crying of despairing grief.
  • But there are times when life is more terrible than the Germans!
  • Not once did I lose my presence of mind in this terrible crisis.
  • But all the while I could feel that some terrible drama was passing behind me.

How To Use Terrible In A Sentence?

  • Its very destructiveness should tend to shorten the duration of this terrible war.
  • Then it was the terrible fact broke upon our minds that the key was left behind.
  • I heard the boy took a terrible oath he would never rest until he got the whole six.
  • The Executions here are not performed with that terrible Apparatus as they are elsewhere.
  • They are terrible nuisances, and yet rat-skins are said to be manufactured in Paris into gloves.
  • I made terrible long bargains, and examined the articles over and over, before I purchased.
  • These terrible Rocks are cultivated to the very Top, and produce excellent Wines.
  • It must not however be thought that we stood close to the terrible opening out of which rose the flames and smoke.
  • The inhabitants of the surrounding villages have begun to migrate into more distant regions for fear of their terrible neighbour.
  • A terrible suspicion came to him that her mind was wandering, that the shock she had received had unbalanced her reason.
  • Terrible were his imprecations against Lawrence and terrible would be his revenge if ever he got him in his power.
  • I would not stop a night alone in those galleries, not for all the treasures those terrible looking men possessed when alive.
  • For, gradually through her room, by this time close to suffocation, there crept the most terrible smell.
  • Swift and terrible as this blow was, it created no panic in Guitar's little army.
  • In spite of my terrible thirst I had entirely forgotten to take a drink after the water was at hand.
  • Human courage and resolution have seldom been more severely tried than in the exigencies of this terrible night on board the Richard.
  • With that mysterious swiftness wherewith ill news pervades the minds of men, all knew at once some terrible occurrence had taken place.
  • Apart from anything which Dick might do, you are in terrible danger here, all the more if you really have accomplished something.
  • The touch of Puritan in the girl made her wonder whether anything so beautiful and terrible could be quite nice.
  • Still would recur that cautious glance behind, and always quickly withdrawn, as though something terrible had met his view.
  • He was lame of one leg, and this was accounted for by a terrible scar, inches deep, which ran down the thigh from hip to knee.
  • Our heads, I think, fairly swam as the terrible portent of these words sank into our consciousness.
  • On this terrible march many children were lost, many died, and many were born; and the whole company suffered from deprivations of every kind.

Definition of Terrible

Dreadful; causing terror, alarm and fear; awesome | Formidable, powerful. | Intense; extreme in degree or extent.
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