Terrified In A Sentence

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  • The thought terrified her.
  • Bamtz is terrified of them, and they know it.
  • Every one was really too terrified to make a noise.
  • Stay still he could not; the inaction terrified him.
  • The terrified James did not know which to obey.
  • She was terrified at the questions that ran through her imaginative mind.
  • The terrified girl obeyed in silence, and with trembling frame.
  • He served her in haste, terrified by the boisterous noise of her escort.
  • Then, keeping clear of the fighters she darted around to the terrified girl.
  • Lady Malmaison and the companion exchanged a terrified glance.
  • Helter-skelter, in every direction, fled the terrified masqueraders.
  • Lady Camden grew terrified at reports which reached her ears.
  • Master Robert, darlint,' she said in a terrified whisper.
  • This former Christian, terrified by the power of God, is now repenting.

How To Use Terrified In A Sentence?

  • It was readily to be seen that she was terrified by the violence of the mountain tornado.
  • Well might the terrified weasels dive under the tables and spring madly up at the windows!
  • A group of terrified women were huddled in the far corner of the spacious room.
  • I expected to find the poor young creature terrified almost out of her reason.
  • The servants were so terrified that they declared they would not stay another night in the house.
  • The prospect frightened him, for he was terrified lest he should let the cat out of the bag.
  • Cautiously he descended the stairs, terrified at every creak they made under his weight.
  • The terrified voice, which had still seemed somehow familiar to him, was silent.
  • It was worth the terrified hours, the bewildered sense of insanity, the confusion and fear.
  • Mrs. Rowe was amazed and terrified by the fiend she had conjured up in the man.
  • They actually terrified many people into believing as confidently in this delusion as they believed in it themselves!
  • What wonder if the terrified senate acquiesced without murmuring at the line of action which the loyalists pursued.
  • They headed it in the proper direction, and followed the terrified animal as it swam for life towards the island on which we were encamped.
  • Rushing at him with that end in view, it so terrified him that he fled from the room, and it was at that stage that you appeared upon the scene.
  • The terrified inmates are wholly unable to do anything to protect themselves, and a state of terror and lawlessness prevails everywhere.
  • Shocked and terrified at her loneliness, with no hope of seeing him again, she rushed out and ran to the gate, calling him.
  • Sometimes a panting fox makes for an open hole, but bounds back terrified before the fiery eyes of the badger which inhabits it.
  • When he saw that the blood was almost blinding me he dropped his hedge-stake, and ran, apparently terrified at what he had done.
  • Both parties seized the seats by the fire, while the half-frozen and terrified domestics spent the night without either light or warmth.
  • The enraged monster then poked his head against the poles, and the tent fell upon its terrified inmates, and embraced them in its folds.
  • Elspeth knew enough to make no reply, and, with a terrified face, scudded past her mistress to the kitchen.
  • It had rolled under yonder skirting-board, but I was too terrified at the time to recollect the fact.
  • He turned his terrified eyes all around the room to try and discover where the little voice could possibly have come from, but he saw nobody!
  • Towards this cloud Gonsalie steered his ships, in spite of the murmurs and almost the open mutiny of his terrified crew.
  • Some one coming in saw Dolly's terrified look, and came and sat down beside her.
  • Colonel Quinnox stood before them, keeping the babbling, leering beldame from thrusting her face close to that of the terrified boy.

Definition of Terrified

Extremely frightened. | simple past tense and past participle of terrify
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